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My First Ikea Experience =)

on May 25, 2016

Finally, it’s Shopping Time in Ikea!

Pano ko nga ba alam ang Ikea kung wala namang Ikea store dito sa Pilipinas?

My sister in law who is living in Singapore brought home an Ikea High Chair for my son and I really liked it.

Ikea HIgh chair

Simple but easy to assemble and you can store it easily when you won’t need it anymore. 


My Mother in law also gave me a Godmorgon 5-set of transparent containers with lid.



The very first Ikea Furniture that I bought was the Lerberg Shelf Unit. I bought it online and it was placed in a flat box when they delivered it.




Everything  is soooooo beautiful. 🙂 And these are the stuff I bought:



Tolsby Frame.  S$0.90 so Cheap!!!


I already have the red one so I bought the other colors. Unfortunately, there were only 3 colors left (Green, orange and blue). I’ll buy the white one next time. 🙂


Rusch Wall Clock. S$1.50. 

There’s only one color for this item. It’s made of Polypropylene plastic. I was about to buy a lot of these for Christmas but I was not prepared with my list so, we’ll see each again this year before Christmas. 🙂


Fangst Hanging Storage with Compartment. S$7.90

I love any thing with compartment plus the shade is my favorite color. 🙂

gubbrora-rubber-spatula 1,90

Gubbrora Rubber Spatula S$1.90

The handle is made of ABS Plastic and the Blade is made of Silicon Rubber. Perfect for pans and pots with non-stick coating.


Lillabo Rug S$19.90


This one is for my Little Boy. 🙂 

rug  19.90

The latex backing keeps the rug in place when the child runs / plays on it. 




Nackten Bathroom Rug – On Sale for only S$2.50


Just like the rug, it has a Latex backing that helps the mat stays firmly in place. 


The last and definitely my favorite. 🙂 The Lamp! I love lamps and chandeliers.


Lampan S$4.90


The World’s Cheapest Table Lamp!  It is made of Polypropylene and SAN plastic. There are 3 colors available – White, Blue and Pink.

lamp 4.90

Pretty. 🙂 


There’s one more furniture that I am eyeing to buy but I’m afraid i’ll be charged for  excess baggage on our flight back home. Humanda ka sakin.. 🙂 Babalikan kita. 🙂


Hatten Transparent Side Table S$29.90


I can now imagine myself seating in my favorite sofa, sipping a cup of my morning coffee while reading a book stored in this transparent side table. 🙂

The cover can be used as a serving tray. Underneath the table top is a practical storage where you can store your favorite stuff inside. Cute right. 🙂

I really enjoyed my Ikea Shopping. 🙂 There are no words to describe how happy I am that finally I was able to get inside and shop in Ikea. 🙂










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