LIFE is a DANCE if you take the STEPS. This is my DANCE. The story of my LIFE.

Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

Welcome to the Christian World our Princess

December 19 (Tuesday), when we celebrated Micah’s Christening. It was a weekday because we waited for my sister in law to come home from Singapore. After the Christening Ceremony, we had a simple lunch with close friends, God Parents, Family, and relatives.

Let me share with you our Suppliers and my DIYs:


Everything is electronic now and most people rely on Social Media. So, I didn’t waste time and money to print out invites. I created my own invites and sent it on Facebook. 🙂



My DIY invitation. =) I took the photos too. =)


CHURCH: Our Lady of Sorrows Parish
PESO POWER: PhP2100 (Solo / Private Baptism)

Why we chose this church? It’s the Church where Mike’s Parents were married, it’s near to our place and it’s one of my favorite church.

Today, Catholic Churches became strict. If the Church is not your Local Parish, you would need to secure a permit from the Church (please refer to your Church for the Permit Fee) and submit it to your chosen church.

Note: Reserve the Church at least 1 month prior to secure a slot.

The Ceremony was solemn and fast. It took less than an hour. They also provided the candles, missalettes and white robe. I got the candles early so I had enough time to design it based on the motif. 🙂


church 1

We are FOUR! =)

church 2

Welcoming ur Little Princess to the Christian World

church 3

So behave. 🙂


RECEPTION: Tramway Bayview Buffet in Roxas Blvd.
PESO POWER: Please refer to their Website for the most updated price.

This was the same Reception during Aidan’s christening but in a different Branch. The reason why we decided to book a buffet restaurant again is that we want a simple and intimate lunch. I don’t like parties on Christening. For me, it’s the time where we can chat with close friends, allow the baby to spend more time with the grandparents, GodParents, family, and relatives.



buffet 4

Salad 🙂



buffet 3

Fish =)

buffet 4

Salad 🙂




buffet 1

Buffet Set Up

buffet 2

Sushi =)


CAKE: Sugar Party Custom Cakes

Micah’s Christening Theme is Flowers and Succulents and Motif is Pink and Gold. The cake was perfect!

It’s chocolate flavor with Italian meringue buttercream. Yummy! 🙂



SOUVENIRS: Ref Magnet (The Magnet Lab)
PESO POWER: 3×4: P25/pc

I thought I got the best deal online and the owner was friendly and easy to deal with. I find their Ref Magnets cheap but the quality is good.

The only downside was that it would take longer if we requested the items to be delivered (It’s almost Christmas), so my husband had to pick up the items in their office located in Tandang Sora QC.



Soooo Cute 🙂



Photographer: LM Photography
PESO POWER: Please refer to the complete details below:


Unfortunately, our favorite Photographer (Our Photographer during Aidan’s 7th Birthday) was not available. I had to look online for a replacement, and unfortunately,  we didn’t have a good experience with them.

A different Photographer arrived. The Photographer I spoke with was Ram. He was not the one I spoke with. He arrived late!  I had no time to brief him and he seems unprepared and no idea of what to do. I didn’t like the photos. 😦 Later, I knew that there is a parallel celebration and I think the person I spoke with went there instead of Micah’s Baptism. Never will I book them again, nor recommend them.


Baptismal Dress: White Dress

One of Micah’s Ninang sent over dresses from Riyadh. He sent 2 white dresses which I used for Micah’s Christening.

dress 1

White Dress Micah wore in the Church


dress 2

The dress Micah wore in the Reception.



micah 1.jpg

She’s so Cutee Patoootie on this dress. 🙂 


Shoes, Socks, and Headband:
RATES: Shoes: PhP70, Socks: PhP50, Headband: PhP100


Sooo happy I was able to find a headband that matches the dress she wore in the Reception.


Socks 🙂 I chose this because this is my favorite socks when I was a little girl.


White Shoes. 🙂


PESO POWER: Candles (Included in the Church Fee), Gold Ribbon (From my DIY Stuff at home), and White Plastic Flowers (30 per pack X 2 = PhP60)

candles 1

We would like to thank everyone for celebrating this Special Day with us. Aside from the gifts, we truly appreciate your presence and love to our Little One. =) =) =)



Lots of Presents! 


More Photos =)



My Family =) 


GodParents, Family, and Relatives

solis 1

Solis Family.


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Courier Service Review – Xend

Our Minecraft Shirt Supplier who is also a friend of mine, delivered the shirts through a Courier – Xend.

It’s not my first time to hear of that Company, but it was my first time to experience their service. I first heard of them from a friend and was supposed to avail of their service to send a package to my family in the Province. I downloaded their app and followed the instructions on how to register and request to have your item/s picked up.

So, I followed all the instructions… and they never showed up. But that’s another story. They never heard from me after that. But this recent experience from them was really horrifying.

The shirts were sent Thursday so I expected for the item to arrive by Friday. I was waiting the whole day, but no one arrived.

Saturday morning, I started to panic because it was already 11am and I never heard from them. Around 1pm, I received a text that the shirts were returned to their warehouse  in Mandaluyong because of incomplete address.

I tried calling the mobile number of the person who texted me but he didn’t answer my calls. No replies to my texts as well.

Good thing is, they have a Customer Service line that’s open on Saturdays. I only had a few hours left to fix this problem. The customer service center is only open until 6pm and delivery is only until 8pm. And, it’s my son’s birthday party the next day.

It took me 30 minutes before I got hold of an agent. At least they were very helpful and I was calm that day. I was already panicking but I was trying to calm myself because I know na hindi naman makakatulong yun kung magiging irate customer pa ako.

I patiently informed them of what happened and they were able to explain what happened and advised me what to do.

So, I gave them my complete address AGAIN with the complete Landmark. I was so nervous that they might not be able to deliver the shirts that day and that we wouldn’t ba able to wear the shirts on my son’s birthday. We had 2 plans:

  1. I gave them the complete address and they will coordinate with the people from the warehouse. They will check if there would be a rider available who would be able to deliver the item that day.
  2. I can go directly to their warehouse in Mandaluyong to get the item.

To go to their warehouse in Mandaluyong would be a huge hassle but i wouldn’t have a choice. I asked the agent if I could call back after an hour to get any feedback from the rider. Just for me to know If there would be a rider who can deliver the item that day.

I also sent an email and they responded quickly. When I called back after an hour, I was told that the rider was already on his way to deliver the item. After an hour, i got a call, but it was not from the rider who was going to deliver the item. It was from another person who  informed me that another rider was already at our street, looking for our house.

Good thing  they were able to deliver the item pero nakakainis talaga dahil yung nag deliver, e hindi parin alam kung saan ang address e clear naman na nakasulat ang complete address sa gate. And, he was holding a cellphone but he never sent me a text or called me.

PS. I am using Sun Cellular and both riders were also using Sun Cellular. Why? Why didn’t he text or call me instead?


The Verdict = RANT!

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Supplier Review – Photography Service

It was not in our plan to get photography services for Aidan’s Birthday Party. But I thought that since I would be busy that day, I may not be able to take pictures of the entire Party. I also thought na sayang lang din yung mga na prepare namin if it will be not be captured properly. So, I looked for an affordable Photographer online. I saw Reiward Photography in and checked their Facebook page. From all the Photographers I spoke with, he was the only one who advised of the same Service fee as what was posted in Others would post that their Photography Service was only 2000, but when I talked to them, they advise a different rate. He also responded promptly to my queries since day 1.

The service may be affordable, but the shots were very nice and he exceeded my expectations.

Why I love and would recommend Reiward Photography to my friends?

  • He arrived an hour early in the venue.
  • Replied promptly to my queries since day 1.
  • Very professional. As soon as Introduced myself as his client, he asked where the celebrant was and introduced himself.
  • For PhP2,000.00, the inclusions were (2-Hour Unlimited Shots, all pictures are edited, 20 printed copies and all photos are stored in a Personalized DVD and will be mailed via Courier).
  • I was amazed by how fast the service was. The event was on Sunday afternoon, few chosen pictures were uploaded on his Facebook Account by Tuesday, and the DVD and printed pictures were mailed viaCourier (LBC) by Wednesday and was delivered the next day.
  • I love the pictures. Simple yet Priceless.

Disk Cover


DVD Cover


These are just a few of the shots that I love:



More pictures of Aidan’s 7th Birthday Party -> Minecraft Party

For those who are interested to get their Photography Service, please click this -> Reiward Photography to be routed to their Facebook Account:



The Verdict = RAVE


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Supplier Review – Personalized Creeper Shirts

Aidan wanted to wear a Creeper Costume on his 7th Birthday. I asked Hubby if we can have a Family Shirt instead and he ok’d the idea.

I have a good friend who designs and has a t-shirt printing business. She happens to be Aidan’s ninang as well. We ordered 3 shirts from her and gave her instructions for the exact design that I wanted – with Aidan’s approval of course.

We requested for a green shirt with Creeper’s Face in front and our names at the back. 

The shirts were delivered the day before the event.

I really liked the shirts. I like the shade of green and of course, the design.


Creeper’s Face


To Make it Personalized, we placed our names at the back.

Kudos to my friend for making these cute Minecraft shirts. =)

Each shirt cost only PhP250.00.




For orders, you may call or text  MinutePrint. =)

Like their Facebook Page too -> MinutePrint


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My First Ikea Experience =)

Finally, it’s Shopping Time in Ikea!

Pano ko nga ba alam ang Ikea kung wala namang Ikea store dito sa Pilipinas?

My sister in law who is living in Singapore brought home an Ikea High Chair for my son and I really liked it.

Ikea HIgh chair

Simple but easy to assemble and you can store it easily when you won’t need it anymore. 


My Mother in law also gave me a Godmorgon 5-set of transparent containers with lid.



The very first Ikea Furniture that I bought was the Lerberg Shelf Unit. I bought it online and it was placed in a flat box when they delivered it.




Everything  is soooooo beautiful. 🙂 And these are the stuff I bought:



Tolsby Frame.  S$0.90 so Cheap!!!


I already have the red one so I bought the other colors. Unfortunately, there were only 3 colors left (Green, orange and blue). I’ll buy the white one next time. 🙂


Rusch Wall Clock. S$1.50. 

There’s only one color for this item. It’s made of Polypropylene plastic. I was about to buy a lot of these for Christmas but I was not prepared with my list so, we’ll see each again this year before Christmas. 🙂


Fangst Hanging Storage with Compartment. S$7.90

I love any thing with compartment plus the shade is my favorite color. 🙂

gubbrora-rubber-spatula 1,90

Gubbrora Rubber Spatula S$1.90

The handle is made of ABS Plastic and the Blade is made of Silicon Rubber. Perfect for pans and pots with non-stick coating.


Lillabo Rug S$19.90


This one is for my Little Boy. 🙂 

rug  19.90

The latex backing keeps the rug in place when the child runs / plays on it. 




Nackten Bathroom Rug – On Sale for only S$2.50


Just like the rug, it has a Latex backing that helps the mat stays firmly in place. 


The last and definitely my favorite. 🙂 The Lamp! I love lamps and chandeliers.


Lampan S$4.90


The World’s Cheapest Table Lamp!  It is made of Polypropylene and SAN plastic. There are 3 colors available – White, Blue and Pink.

lamp 4.90

Pretty. 🙂 


There’s one more furniture that I am eyeing to buy but I’m afraid i’ll be charged for  excess baggage on our flight back home. Humanda ka sakin.. 🙂 Babalikan kita. 🙂


Hatten Transparent Side Table S$29.90


I can now imagine myself seating in my favorite sofa, sipping a cup of my morning coffee while reading a book stored in this transparent side table. 🙂

The cover can be used as a serving tray. Underneath the table top is a practical storage where you can store your favorite stuff inside. Cute right. 🙂

I really enjoyed my Ikea Shopping. 🙂 There are no words to describe how happy I am that finally I was able to get inside and shop in Ikea. 🙂









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SmÃ¥land – Kids World in Ikea. :)

Done with our Brunch in Ikea. Burp!  Ikea has a Play House inside and when the kids found out, they insisted that they want to play there instead.  You can leave your kids inside for an hour while you shop.


They’re Excited!


Kids should first check their height if they’re allowed to enter. 🙂 Babies and Toddlers that didn’t reach the height requirement are not allowed to play.



Moms / Guardians need to sign up First. 🙂 


After signing up, the attended will sanitize the kids hands, will ask them to remove their shoes including socks and will be given a plastic box. All of their stuff should be placed there including their water bottle in case they get thirsty.

Then, the kids will bring it inside. 🙂 Another great job to Ikea for teaching kids to be independent. 🙂


Småland Conditions of EntrySmåland is a play area opened daily for kids:
– Height between 0.9m to 1.3m
– Toilet trained
– Last intake is at 10.00pm
– Terms and conditions apply

1. The parent/guardian(s) indicated on the indemnity form must remain in the IKEA store and respond immediately when contacted while your child/children is/are in the playroom facility.
2. Each child may use the playroom facilities for a maximum of one (1) hour per day. IKEA, however, reserves the right to remove the child/children before the one (1) hour is up.
3. As a security measure, only the parent/guardian stated is responsible for the registering in/out of the child/children with proper identification.
4. IKEA and its employees, contractors, etc hereby disclaim all responsibilities for any loss, injury and / or damage which may occur however caused.

For more information about SmÃ¥land, visit Ikiea’s website:

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Brunch at Ikea Restaurant

May 12, 2016 – it’s officially the start of our Singapore Vacation. ☺ We got up early in the morning, had coffee (milk for the kids) and prepared for our trip to Ikea. ☺☺☺

I can’t contain my excitement because it’s one of the reason why I really wanted to go to Singapore. Ikea shopping. ☺ I looooove Ikea products.


Inside a 2 deck bus… Ikea here i come!!!

Yay! I can’t wait to get inside.

Since we only had coffee at home, we decided to have breakfast first.. I was so amazed with Ikea’s Restaurant. They have a lot of healthy  choices for kids and adults.


Tray Trolleys. Oh Ikea, very smart idea. 🙂 You really make our lives easier!


Ready to get his order 

Hubby and I loved their brewed coffee. The best brewed coffee we tasted in Singapore. Plus, it is refillable. 😀😆


Ikea encourages their guests to clean their own table after eating. Because of this practice, they don’t need to hire more people; so that the can afford to sell their food at a lower price. ☺☺☺ Very smart.

It was such a n unforgettable dining experience in my favorite store. 🙂




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Going Loco Over Coco Hut Fried Chicken and Fish

It was 5 am in the morning when Hubby and I visited a client who’s working in UP Town Center to deliver our Christmas present. It was our first time in UP Town Center and we wanted to at least spend an hour or two there after the said meeting. Since, we haven’t eaten breakfast yet, we searched the place to find a place to eat.

That’s when our feet stopped at the Coco Hut Fried Chicken and Fish. At 6 am, it’s one of the few restaurant that’s already open.


When we entered, I was amazed by it’s design. They really made use of our humble coconut, not just as their main ingredient on most of the food they serve but also in the restaurant’s interior design.


The Cashier Area is designed with a Nipa Hut. Cool!




Clean and Spacious


A piece of Coconut Tree – Unique Table Number

Another thing that I love about this place is that they cook everything to order and the fact that they are open 24 hours, is a lot impressive. So, the moment you are done with your order, you can immediately see the action in their open kitchen. Yes! Their kitchen is open. 🙂

Hubby, as expected ordered their famous Fried Chicken. It’s Coco Hut’s core dish and everyone who loves fried chicken will surely like it. You can order by piece (PhP100-120) each depends on the chicken part). You can choose between Classic or The Hut Chicken – tossed in it’s special hot sauce. Both are served with pepper gravy that’s so addicting. 🙂

You may also have the Combination of 2 Chicken Parts (Thigh or Breast and Drumstick or Wings) paired with rice and pepper gravy for PhP195.


Oh so delicious Chicken. 🙂 

Try their Filipino Style Spaghetti and you will never be disappointed. It is sweet, cheesy, meaty and has perfectly al dente pasta.


Yummy Spaghetti. 🙂 

When in Coco Hut Chicken and Fish, never miss to try their famous drink – Tamarind Iced Tea. It is freshly brewed iced tea with a hint of tamarind.

They are open 24/7 and they serve delicious and affordable food. No wonder this new fast food chain will be a hit to the public in due time.


TriviaI am not 100% sure about the information I heard but they said that Coco Hut Chicken and Fish and Army Navy have the same owners that is why the decors are similar. It has been said that this is the Healthier Chain of Army Navy Group. 

My Verdict = RAVE

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Red Lemon Grill and Adam’s Cafe

Red Lemon Grill is a casual dining restaurant  in Tagaytay, operated by View Park Hotel. When we booked a room in the hotel, we were informed that it might be a bit noisy until midnight because of the Live Band performing at the Restaurant. Our room was just a few steps from the Restaurant.

I wanted to have dinner at Mahogany Markt, so we skipped eating at the Red Lemon Grill. Instead, we decided to spend the rest of the night there after dinner.

Sitting capacity inside is limited and the area is a bit small, so we transferred outside. We were able to get a good seat just enough to see and hear the Live Band. Outside is where Adams Cafe is located. It is also operated by View Park Hotel but they offer coffee and desserts instead.



Someone is enjoying the Live  Band. Hehe

Hubby had their signature brewed coffee while I had their Caramel Machiato.




The little boy just can’t resist eating ice cream at night.



Happy with his Banana Split 😀


The Vanilla ice cream was so good! They used fried saba instead of raw lakatan. It’s a not the usual ingredient but it worked perfectly with the ice cream.


Happy Family 😀


We had a great night listening to the Live Band and we really enjoyed the special dance number of the staff and crew. They were really talented and entertaining. Kudos to that!




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Chocolat’s Death by Tablea Review

Hubby surprised me with a Special Cake on my 31st birthday. I jokingly asked for a birthday cake but I didn’t expect tht it will be Chocolat’s Death by Tablea. ☺☺☺

I really wanted to try this cake because I read a lot of good reviews online. One time, when we were at SM Mall of Asia,  I told Mike that it was the cake I’ve been wanting to try.


Prices are as follows – Per Slice (PhP97), Loaf (PhP285) and 6″ (PhP410).


Top View of the Cake – 6-Inch Cake

Yes, they do allow dedications even on small cakes.


Closer look. Can you see the grated Tablea 🙂

The cake is covered with bittersweet chocolate icing that’s made with native cacao and condensed milk, topped with grated Tablea / Native Cacao. I’m really a big fan of tsokolate as I grew up in Iloilo making Tablea every Christmas.


Grab a bite!


The cake itself is soft, chewy and has another chocolate filling in the middle. The sweetness of the chocolate filling and icing and the bitter sweet taste of the grated tablea compliment each other.

To date, this is definitely the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted.





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