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Småland – Kids World in Ikea. :)

on May 22, 2016

Done with our Brunch in Ikea. Burp!  Ikea has a Play House inside and when the kids found out, they insisted that they want to play there instead.  You can leave your kids inside for an hour while you shop.


They’re Excited!


Kids should first check their height if they’re allowed to enter. 🙂 Babies and Toddlers that didn’t reach the height requirement are not allowed to play.



Moms / Guardians need to sign up First. 🙂 


After signing up, the attended will sanitize the kids hands, will ask them to remove their shoes including socks and will be given a plastic box. All of their stuff should be placed there including their water bottle in case they get thirsty.

Then, the kids will bring it inside. 🙂 Another great job to Ikea for teaching kids to be independent. 🙂


Småland Conditions of EntrySmåland is a play area opened daily for kids:
– Height between 0.9m to 1.3m
– Toilet trained
– Last intake is at 10.00pm
– Terms and conditions apply

1. The parent/guardian(s) indicated on the indemnity form must remain in the IKEA store and respond immediately when contacted while your child/children is/are in the playroom facility.
2. Each child may use the playroom facilities for a maximum of one (1) hour per day. IKEA, however, reserves the right to remove the child/children before the one (1) hour is up.
3. As a security measure, only the parent/guardian stated is responsible for the registering in/out of the child/children with proper identification.
4. IKEA and its employees, contractors, etc hereby disclaim all responsibilities for any loss, injury and / or damage which may occur however caused.

For more information about Småland, visit Ikiea’s website:


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