LIFE is a DANCE if you take the STEPS. This is my DANCE. The story of my LIFE.

Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

A Tale of Surviving my 1st Trimester

1st trimester

Instead of complaining, (like most people do a lot), I always try to put a positive spin on everything.

I’d been wanting to write a blog about my second pregnancy but I didn’t have the time until tonight. ūüôā

Pregnancy was never easy for me. Even during my first pregnancy with my eldest (Aidan), I was rushed to the hospital when I was just 32 weeks in (July 7-12, 2009) due to preterm labor;¬†and when i was on my 36th week and 6th day of pregnancy, I was rushed for the second time to the hospital. My OB had to inject something to stop the contractions until I reached 37 weeks. I gave birth via Cesarean delivery, and it’s also one of the major reasons why we had a hard time deciding on having a second baby.

When the husband and I did decide to have a second child, it took us almost a year trying to conceive. At 32, with a regular 8-hour job, managing 2 small businesses on the side, managing my time to make sure I fulfill my duties as a wife and a mother Р were may be few of the reasons why It was hard for us to get pregnant again.

It was Friday morning of January 6, 2017, when I went to church and prayed really hard. God was so good because that same week, he answered my  prayer.

Sunday afternoon, January 8, ¬†I decided to take a Pregnancy Test and it came up POSITIVE! ūüôā


We (Aidan, Dada and I) were so happy and excited with the good news! I was so thrilled to be pregnant again, thinking it would be easier compared to the first one.

There’s so much fun during your first trimester – getting a POSITIVE result on your pregnancy test, the FIRST ULTRASOUND, seeing and hearing your BABY’S FIRST HEARTBEAT, and most of all sharing the GOOD NEWS with your loved ones.

Mine was a MIX OF SORTS though.

I had a lot of discomfort, nausea, dizziness, severe headache everyday, indigestion, and most of all SPOTTING. I visited four (4) OB-Gyne’s (for a second-third opinion about the cause of the spotting), had several ultrasound to make sure the baby is safe, and had to take Duphaston twice a day for 2 months.

All four (4) doctors I went to, advised me to go on bed rest  to make sure that baby will be safe to avoid pre-term labor. I had to elevate my legs all the time for the first 2 months. Weird but It worked.

I was getting emotional everyday; especially due to the fact that I couldn’t take care of my son the way I used to. Mommy has to sit or lie in bed all the time, no energy to move around because I am always dizzy due to nausea. It was so hard to balance your own comfort and your family’s needs.

Yet, I am thankful that I am still blessed. I am on bed rest but I am able to Work From the Comforts of our Home (Thank you so much AMS), I have my in laws to support and help us in our daily needs and most of all, I have a loving husband who will drop anything and make us his first priority.

We are now on our¬†26th week, 1 more week and we’ll say hello to the final stretch of my pregnancy. We are so excited to see our new munchkin in ¬†3 months. ūüôā

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Aidan’s First Dance Class

Aidan’s first ever Dance Workshop was with non other than, G-Force! ūüôā
It was early of September last year when I first brought him to their Walk-in classes for Advance Hip hop for kids. I really want him to love dancing as much as I do but I never wanted to force him. My goal was to really enroll him to different Activities; and of course, we started with dancing.

2nd Hip-Hop Class with Teacher Devon


He looks very Happy =)

Pics during the dance


I asked him if he enjoyed dancing and he said yes. He continued attending the Walk-in classes the following week and when their 2016 Sem Break Workshop¬†was announced, I asked him if he wanted to join. I was so happy when he said YES. ūüôā

He requested to join Teacher Chrissian’s class so we waited for a month for the 2nd Batch.

The Dance Workshop was held 2x per week, 1.50hrs per session.

After weeks of training they had their Dance Concert last October 29 at the Music Museum.

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G-Force Project 2016 (Sembreak)

The BIG DAY has finally come. It’s Aidan’s first dance recital and it’s with none other than G-Force.

The Big Day was held in the Music Museum. It’s the parents and grandparents first time there too. We were¬†all excited for the show. We thought of getting a room for 1 night at the nearest hotel – Elan Greenhills Modern Hotel. It’s located just across Greenhills so it was very convenient for all of us. There were ¬†2 shows and we were afraid that Aidan would¬†get exhausted. We checked in early at 12:00 noon (Good thing there was already a room available).

Purchased 4 tickets for the show =)

They had their last Technical Rehearsals at 1:00 pm before the first show officially started at 3:00pm. During the Matinee show we had to go back to the hotel to rest; went back to the Music Museum at 5:00pm to fetch Aidan.

That day we were able to get Aidan’s Dance Book too. ūüôā

Spot the smallest student of Teacher Chrissian ūüôā

To see him happy with what he’s doing = PRICELESS ūüôā


It was a quick break / dinner for the kids before their second show at 7:00 pm. I really thought that he was so exhausted already but he was not. He really enjoyed dancing in front of the crowd. I am so proud of our Little One.

At 7:00 pm, the evening show officially started and we were all excited to watch the kids dance.

Cute Little Rascals ūüôā

Final dance with all the G-Force Teacher, Dancers and Students

The show ended at around 10:00 PM.

I am such a Proud Mom…

With the Proud Dad ūüôā

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Greenhills Elan Hotel Review

During Aidan’s Dance Concert (October 29, 2016), we envisioned that it was going to be a tiring day for all of us. Hubby and I then decided to look for a hotel¬†close to¬†Music Museum. When I checked online, the nearest that I saw was the Elan Hotel in Greenhills. The hotel was a¬†felicitous one for us because it’s located just across Greenhills. The Hotel is strategically located in the middle of business and leisure areas.

We checked in early and we were¬†immediately assisted by their friendly staff. Parking wasn’t an issue as they had enough space when my in laws arrived.

We got a 30% discount when we booked the room online.

Details below:

Limited Offer : 30% discount has been applied to this reservation

Rate Plan Description::
30% Off Weekend Promo (Friday-Sunday)
with buffet breakfast and wifi access
Meal: Buffet Breakfast
Meal Description:
With buffet breakfast for two


  • Complimentary Wi-fi Access
  • Free use of swimming Pool:
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Free use of Jacuzzi:
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Complimentary newspaper
Number of Guests:
Adults: 2 Children: 1
Note: Adult = 12 year(s) and above;
Children = below 11 year(s)
For a Superior Room for 2 Adults and 1 child (with Breakfast Buffet for 2), we only paid PhP2390.24.
We were welcomed with Complimentary Iced Tea upon check in.
I loved how they combined the stylish patterns with warm earth tones. I also can’t help but¬†notice the stones that they used as decoration in the room. ¬†We also had a great view of¬†Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club from our room.
We really love the bathroom because of it’s environment friendly features and it has a bath tub with hot and cold shower.Unlike other hotels that has travel size soap, shampoo, lotion and body bath for the guests, this Eco-friendly hotel have it in a refill bottles instead.

Bath Liquid Soap

Aidan really loves bath tubs so even if he was tired after his dance, he still went to bath before getting to bed.

The next day, we went to Elan Cafe located at the ground floor for the Breakfast Buffet. After breakfast we went back to the room to rest before we went to the swimming pool.


The pool is ok. Nothing spectacular about it. At least they have a small pool for the kids. I didn’t have the chance to swim that day because I didn’t bring any swimwear.

The Jacuzzi was turned off¬†¬†and we didn’t bother to check how to turn it on so Daddy and Aidan stayed in the pool instead.


Photo grabbed from Travel Advisory

After an hour of dipping, we went to their Gym to check it out. There was no one there so we had fun with the Gym Equipment.

Overall we all had a fun stay at Elan Hotel. If you ask me If I want to go back for another stay, my answer would be – YES. ūüôā


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Donuts on his 7th Birthday!

Aidan’s Birthday fell on a¬†Monday. Since, we already had his Birthday Party the day before, we asked his adviser if we can bring donuts for his Teachers and Classmates on Monday. He has 6 Teachers and 30 Classmates.

We woke up at 6am to check the weather. It was raining hard since the night before and we thought that classes might be suspended again.

At 7am Hubby went to JCO Mall of Asia Branch to buy 3 dozens of Assorted Doughnuts.

Seems like the entire class enjoyed Aidan’s simple treat. =)





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My DIYs for Aidan’s 7th Birthday

I love parties but because I am a Frugal person, I prefer DIY’s instead of hiring someone to do things for me. Besides, I also enjoy doing arts and crafts.

For Aidan’s birthday party, since the theme was Minecraft, I searched online for some DIYs that I can make myself.

My first DIY are the Loot Bags.


I used colored chalks to write the label “Loot Bags”

I went online, searched for the most unique Loot Bag ideas for a Minecraft Theme. Instead of having a Candy Bar, we placed the candies and other sweet goodies inside the Loot Bags instead.


Bunch of Goodies!

I bought wooden boxes in landmark that I can use to place the Loot Bags. They’re so cute. I posted some Minecraft Faces and placed some Minecraft Faces on sticks as additional decoration


The Pop Corn buckets were from Divisoria for only 35 pesos for 10 pcs. For the Logos, I made it myself and had it printed from my Mother in laws office.




Thank you for Creeping. =)

Next for my DIY is Aidan’s name made of Legos.


We first ¬†placed it in the Gifts Table as additional decoration and then decided to move it together with the Cupcakes and Creeper’s Head during the blowing of candle.


I really love this DIY because Aidan and I made this.

Then, we made ¬†Creeper’s Head as per the celebrants request.

I didn’t make it myself though. It was my husband’s officemate who did it.


Complete Gear – Creeper Face and Steve’s Axe / Sword


He’s so excited to wear it!


His Happy Face while wearing Creepers Head

I bought 2 dozens of mini mint green balloons  and 20 Big Green balloons, but had no idea what to do with it. The night before the party, I decided to make a simple balloon arrangement to add to the Gifts Table.


30 pcs balloons on sticks were already included in the package. I was very lucky that Jollibee followed our theme and had Balloons on different shades of green instead of the assorted colors.


The last DIY that I made was The Bunting.


What is Bunting?

Bunting is a term for any festive decorations made of fabric, or of plastic, paper or even cardboard in imitation of fabric. Typical forms of bunting are strings of colorful triangular flags and lengths of fabric in the colors of national flags gathered and draped into swags or pleated into fan shapes.

The prizes were also included in the package. We went to Duty Free a week before the party and bought some goodies that we can add to the prizes. Some items were bought from landmark and SM Malls.


Cute Elephant Sharpeners and Ben Ten Whistle I bought from Landmark Makati


The parade of prizes. =)


Peanuts Bubbles, Tiffany Wafers, Cute Pencils, etc.



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Courier Service Review – Xend

Our Minecraft Shirt Supplier who is also a friend of mine, delivered the shirts through a Courier РXend.

It’s not my first time to hear of that Company, but it was my first time to experience their service. I first heard of them from a friend and was supposed to avail of their service to send a package to my family in the Province. I downloaded their app and followed the instructions on how to register and request to have your item/s picked up.

So, I followed all the instructions… and they never showed up. But that’s another story. They never heard from me after that. But this recent experience from them was really horrifying.

The shirts were sent Thursday so I expected for the item to arrive by Friday. I was waiting the whole day, but no one arrived.

Saturday morning, I started to panic because it was already 11am and I never heard from them. Around 1pm, I received a text that the shirts were returned to their warehouse  in Mandaluyong because of incomplete address.

I tried calling the mobile number of the person who texted me but he didn’t¬†answer my calls. No replies to my texts as well.

Good thing is, they have a Customer Service line that’s open on Saturdays. I only had a few hours left to fix this problem. The customer service center is only open until 6pm and delivery is only until 8pm. And, it’s my son’s birthday party the next day.

It took me 30 minutes before I got hold of an agent. At least they were very helpful and I was calm that day. I was already panicking but I was trying to calm myself because I know na hindi naman makakatulong yun kung magiging irate customer pa ako.

I patiently informed them of what happened and they were able to explain what happened and advised me what to do.

So, I gave them my complete¬†address AGAIN with the complete Landmark. I was so nervous that they might not be able to deliver the shirts that day and that we wouldn’t ba able to wear the shirts on my son’s birthday. We had 2 plans:

  1. I gave them the complete address and they will coordinate with the people from the warehouse. They will check if there would be a rider available who would be able to deliver the item that day.
  2. I can go directly to their warehouse in Mandaluyong to get the item.

To go to their warehouse in Mandaluyong would be a huge¬†hassle but i wouldn’t¬†have a choice. I asked the agent if I could call back after an hour to get any feedback from the rider. Just for me to know If there would be a rider who can deliver the item¬†that day.

I also sent an email and they responded quickly. When I called back after an hour, I was told that the rider was already on his way to deliver the item. After an hour, i got a call, but it was not from the rider who was going to deliver the item. It was from another person who  informed me that another rider was already at our street, looking for our house.

Good thing  they were able to deliver the item pero nakakainis talaga dahil yung nag deliver, e hindi parin alam kung saan ang address e clear naman na nakasulat ang complete address sa gate. And, he was holding a cellphone but he never sent me a text or called me.

PS. I am using Sun Cellular and both riders were also using Sun Cellular. Why? Why didn’t he text or call me instead?


The Verdict = RANT!

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Wandering Like Kids in Universal Studios Singapore

On our 4th and last Day in Singapore, Hubby and I had a date. Yes, just the 2 of us. Aidan wanted to go to the water park with Tyler instead. Also, we were told that he may not be able to try all the rides in Universal Studios because of the height limit.

So, the husband and I had our spare time together. We only had until 2pm that day because we had to catch our flight back to Manila in the evening.

We left at 7am and took the train to Vivo City and a bus ride to Sentosa.

After an hour we were already in Sentosa. ūüôā It was a swift and fun ride to Resorts World in Sentosa Singapore.

We had a short walk around Resorts World before we went inside the Universal Studios. Universal Studios is located at the 2nd level of the Resorts World.


Almost there. =)


And we’re here. Of course, there should be a mandatory shot¬†at the Universal Globe.






No Selfie Stick but we still managed to have a picture together

Yey! We’re so excited. Can’t wait to get inside..

Strollers and wheelchair rentals are also available for a separate fee. Most rides have a long queue. Want to avoid it? Beat the queues by purchasing the Universal Express Unlimited. Of course, for a much higher rate.

Current Rates below as per –¬†

Ticket Type Adult
(Ages 13 to 59)
(Ages 4 to 12)
(Ages 60 and above)
One-Day Pass S$74 S$56 S$36

I guess Dada was more excited than me. =)

We took some pictures first before we had our first ride.


We started with the ride that’s near the entrance which is the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.¬†


Our first ride in Universal Studios Singapore


We are ready and excited!

I really wanted to bring Aidan here, but I wanted to make sure that he gets to try almost all of the rides. This ride is for kids and kids at heart. There is still a minimum height requirement though.

The Spaghetti Space Chase is part of the New York Themed Rides.

Another part of the New York shows and rides are the Rockafellas. They were former members of Streetboys. Filipinos are indeed talented.


Another show¬†in New York¬†is¬†Lights! Camera! Action! It’s hosted by Stephen Spielberg but it is not open until 11 am.

If you love Sesame Street, they have more for you.

There’s a Sesame Stage Shows where you get to see your favorite Sesame Street characters perform live on stage.

There’s also a store where you can buy Sesame Street items.


Can’t get enough of Sesame Street? You can meet and greet them in person.¬†You can also take a picture with them. Unfortunately, we had limited time; so we didn’t get a chance to have a photo taken with them.

Our next stop was the Sci-Fi City.

We didn’t miss the chance to try the Transformers The Ride : Ultimate 3D Battle. Here, you get the chance to become a freedom fighter in the ultimate 3D battle ride against the forces of the evil Deceptecons.

This was definitely our favorite ride. If it wasn’t for the long queue, we would have gotten back for another round.


You can also get a chance to see Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in person. Again, I think they normally go out in the afternoon. So, we didn’t had the time to wait for them.


This is the ride that we will NEVER try. haha! The blue track is Battlestar Galactica : Human , while the red track is Battlestar Galactica : Cyclone. 


Another Sci-Fi City ride that we didn’t try was the Accelerator.¬†I think this is the only ride for kids.

Next stop is Ancient Egypt. 

Revenge of The Mummy –¬†It took us an hour before we were able to enter the dome (if that’s what they call it). This ride almost gave me a heart attack. Now i know why we had to leave all our things inside the locker.

There’s also a Meet and Greet with the characters of the Mummy. I actually saw 2 of them but they were chasing me and the other guests so, I got scared and panicked.

There is a ride in Ancient Egypt that’s for kids but we didn’t see it. Too bad, we haven’t had a chance to try it – Treasure Hunters.¬†

And we now enter The Lost World. We¬†first tried the Canopy Flyer. Kids can ride this as long as they meet the minimum height requirement. But again, I am not gonna let Aidan try this one just yet. It’s a bit scary. Kids can instead enjoy the Dino-Soarin and Amber Rock Climb.

If you want to get wet this early, you can try the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. We actually didn’t know that there was this kind of ride. Had we known, we would definitely have tried¬†it. We were not able to check all the rides in part of the map because we were in a hurry and had limited time.

Next is Water World. The Water World live show does not open until 11 am, so we had to try other rides first and come back at 11am to watch the show. It was a really a great show.


With the Cast of Water World

And now we enter, Far Far Away! 


We really wanted to try the Enchanted Airways but the line was so long. It would have taken us an hour before we could get in. It’s a Roller Coaster ride, not as big as Battlestar Galactica so I could still tolerate it.

We watched the¬†Shrek 4D Adventure instead. Aidan would definitely enjoy this show. He likes Shrek too. There is also the Magic Potion Spin, but is only open from 11am. It’s a Ferris Wheel¬†for children.

You can also watch Donkey Live and The Dance for the Magic Beans.


Puss in Boots in Giant Journey – Another thrill ride. Aidan would have loved to see this but I think he would be afraid to try it.


Next stop¬†–¬†Madagascar.¬†

We tried the Madagasar Ride – A Crate Adventure.¬†We were expecting to get wet on¬†this ride but we didn’t.¬†¬†haha! ¬†It was actually boring, but I think Aidan would love it.

Kids can also enjoy the King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round and watch the Madagascar Boogie.

It was too early to have lunch but we were really thirsty and a bit hungry, so we grabbed a bite and bought a drink. We had Corndog and Grape Flavored Fanta. It was like a blast from the past. I think the last time I had Fanta was 25 years ago.



Next is Hollywood. Kids and Kids at Heart can watch the shows like Sesame Street – When I Grow Up and dine at Mel’s Dinettes and The Cruisers. You can also get a chance to Meet and Greet the cute Little Yellow fellas – The Minions.¬†


More pictures in the Hollywood.



We really had fun!!! I want to bring Aidan here when he is tall enough to try all the rides. Maybe, next year.  =)


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Supplier Review – Minecraft Cupcakes

A birthday is incomplete without a cake. Some people want a simple birthday cake, others want a personalized one; but for Aidan, he wanted a Cupcake tower comprised of Minecraft Character Faces.

We didn’t have a hard time looking for a supplier because my Mother in Law has a friend that bakes and sells cakes and cupcake.

Ate Lani, replied immediately to all my queries and her packages are budget-friendly. Perfect for a frugal Mom like me. Jollibee allows you to bring your own cake, but it should not be consumed inside the store. So, we decided to order 2 dozens of cupcakes; just enough to fit a 3-tier cupcake tower.

Look at the cupcakes… They’re so cute! And yes, they taste good too! They’re¬†chocolate cupcakes, btw.

IMG_AIDAN_ALBUM (11)¬†Aside from Creeper, Steve is Aidan’s favorite character.


I can still remember the look on Aidan’s face¬†when he saw the cupcakes. He was so “kilig”. =)

Cupcake Tower

I made the bunting btw. One of my DIYs. =)


Feedback! Feedback! Feedback!

approve The 2 dozen cupcakes only cost me 900 bucks! And yes, the toppers are made of fondant.

approveAte Lani allowed us to borrow her Cupcake Tower for free.

approveThe Cupcakes were delivered to us without service charge. Although, she was also part of the guest list; since she’s a family friend.

approve¬†Ate Lani did a great job with the Toppers. They’re so cure. Exactly what we requested.


Want a Personalized Cake for Birthdays and other Special Occasions?¬†Check out Ate Lani’s Facebook Page ¬†->¬†Sugar Party Cakes N’ Baked Goods


The Verdict = RAVE

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Supplier Review – Photography Service

It was not in our plan to get photography services for Aidan’s Birthday Party. But I thought that since I would be busy that day, I may not be able to take pictures of the entire Party. I also thought na sayang lang din yung mga na prepare namin if it will be not be captured properly. So, I looked for an affordable Photographer online. I saw Reiward Photography in and checked their Facebook page. From all the Photographers I spoke with, he was the only one who advised of the same Service fee as what was posted in Others would post that their Photography Service was only 2000, but when I talked to them, they advise a different rate. He also responded promptly to my queries since day 1.

The service may be affordable, but the shots were very nice and he exceeded my expectations.

Why I love and would recommend Reiward Photography to my friends?

  • He arrived an hour early in the venue.
  • Replied promptly to my queries since¬†day 1.
  • Very professional. As soon as Introduced myself as his client, he asked where the celebrant was¬†and introduced himself.
  • For PhP2,000.00, the inclusions were (2-Hour Unlimited Shots, all pictures are edited, 20 printed copies and all photos are stored in a Personalized DVD and will be mailed via¬†Courier).
  • I was amazed by how fast the service was. The event was on Sunday afternoon, few chosen pictures were uploaded on his Facebook Account by Tuesday, and the DVD and printed pictures were mailed viaCourier (LBC) by Wednesday and was delivered the next day.
  • I love the pictures. Simple yet Priceless.

Disk Cover


DVD Cover


These are just a few of the shots that I love:



More pictures of Aidan’s 7th Birthday Party ->¬†Minecraft Party

For those who are interested to get their Photography Service, please click this -> Reiward Photography to be routed to their Facebook Account:



The Verdict = RAVE


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