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Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

What’s In My Hospital Bag. =)

I was only 7 months pregnant when I prepared my Hospital Bag. I had to prepare it that early because I was on bed rest and I could pop anytime soon – if I move a lot.

Most moms use a Diaper bag when packing the things they will need to bring in the hospital. Me – i used a small trolley. 🙂

It’s much more convenient, easy to bring (as it has wheels) and easy to see what’s inside.

Here’s what’s inside my hospital bag.

I packed each item in a small pouch and wrote labels on it. The ones you will need first must be placed on top.


These are my bathroom essentials. Bring home the bath soaps, toothbrush and toothpaste you get when you check in at the hotel.


Pack small items for baby’s toiletries too.



What inside – Sponge (Sponge Bath), Alcohol (Should be 70%), Bath Soap, Cotton buds, Dry Wipes, Cotton balls, Petroleum Jelly, Powder & Lotion)

Please note that most Pediatricians do not recommend that you use Lotion and Powder for babies. Well – you’re the Mom. It’s up to you. 🙂


Hospitals provide Newborn Diapers but they cost 2-4x higher. Tell your husband/caretaker to give the diapers to the nurse during delivery.


Got this for FREE when I attended a Breastfeeding Workshop in St. Lukes. 🙂


The first stuff you would need is for the baby. Make sure that you place it on top or somewhere that it can easily be seen by the husband. 🙂 Don’t forget to put labels too. 🙂


Receiving and going home outfit. 🙂


Pack extra clothes for the baby – in case you will have to stay longer in the hospital.




Extra Clothes for the Baby



Pack the boys’ undies in a separate pouch. 🙂




For my boys. 



Of course, MINE should be separate too. 🙂




My Undies and Nursing Bras



Place your going home dress at the bottom part of the bag as it will be the last item you will need. What type of dress – should be comfortable and it will be easier for you to breastfeed. 🙂




Bring at least 3 hospital dress (should have buttons so that it is easier for you to breastfeed). Hospitals have Gowns but I prefer to use my own.




Brought 3 Dresses 🙂 


My boys’ clothes. 🙂 Aidan did not sleep in the hospital but he visited us every day and I had to make sure I had extra shorts and shirt for him (in case he needed to change).


These items should be in one bag.


Bring a big Laundry bag (again, you can get this for free at the hotels. haha) you can easily toss dirty clothes inside!



You can also buy this Landry Bag at Daiso Stores. 



This one is really a must!!! Socks. You will feel cold after the surgery (I went on Caesarean Delivery). So, this will be your best friend. 🙂




Socks from a friend – her pasalubong from Korea 🙂 



Documents! The most important thing to bring in the hospital. Since we used a small trolley, we placed the documents at the outside pocket. Make sure that all files are organized and tell your husband what are those for.



Never ever forget your makeup kit! It’s a must too!




Yes – I had to put label on it it. So the Husband would know. Haha




Love at first sight 🙂 


Other important things to bring are a fan and a rechargeable fan. You can never tell when you will need it.



Cellphone charger, glasses, a good book and a selfie stick – yes, I brought them with me too. 🙂




Yes – I brought a book about investing. hahaha


Do not ever forget your baby book. 🙂




Always remember that it will be your husband or the caretaker who will be in charge of the hospital Bag. So, make sure that your things are properly labeled to help them find the things you and your baby will need. 🙂

Hope this helps you! =) =) =)

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My Breastfeeding Journey

I am not a breastfeeding expert. I wasn’t even able to breastfeed my eldest child longer than I would have wanted. I only breastfed him for 2 months, had to go back to work and during that time, I wasn’t equipped with the knowledge, gadgets and support groups about Breastfeeding; so I stopped. I felt guilty but am still thankful that he got my colostrum and was able to drink my liquid gold for 2 months. Better than none I guess.

For my second child, I made sure that I had the knowledge about breastfeeding. I attended workshops when I was still pregnant, read blogs of other moms, joined support groups and asked for friends advice. Yes – if you want to be successful in this journey, you have to listen to other people – whether you like it or not.

breastfeeding class

Breastfeeding Workshop from St. Luke’s




The Workshop was FREE. And with FREE Lunch and Snacks. 🙂 



and… LOTS of Freebies! 🙂

freebies 2

Gift bag from StemCord Philippines


Micah had Beginning Pneumonia when she was born. She had to stay in the NICU until she was well and when she had finished all of her antibiotics. It was unexpected; but during admission, I handed my Medical Notes to the doctor and made sure that they will follow. Whatever happens, i will breastfeed my baby. They should not and should never offer her formula or water after birth. I also did not bring formula milk in my Hospital bag; because I was determined to breastfeed – whatever it took.

I gave birth via Cesarean section and it took 24hours before I could move. But I had to feed my colostrum to Micah. It was painful, but I still managed to go to the NICU to advise the nurse in charge that I will feed my baby. I asked her to call me every time she sees hunger cues. It was not easy. Other Moms, are not able to stand for 3 days after the operation but I did it in hours. Because of the antibiotics and pain killer I took, I didn’t produce milk on the 1st day. Not even a drop. Still, I insisted that she latch on me because I believe that soon, my colostrum would come out. I also talked to a friend who was also breastfeeding and she offered to breastfeed Micah the following days in case I still find it really hard to travel from our room to NICU every 2 hours. I was touched and felt grateful that other Moms were willing to help me.


After 4 days, we were finally out of the hospital. My milk became stable, I continuously fed her and she was already gaining weight. Few days after breastfeeding, my nipples became extremely painful. I had to latch from one breast for a day to have the other breast rest and heal. It came to a point that my milk was full-blown in. I was painfully engorged, my nipples were torn apart-chapped and scabbed. But I still continued to breastfeed.


After 75 days, I had to go back to work. I pumped and stored  1 month and 2 weeks worth of milk to make sure that I had enough supply. A week before I had to go back to work, I tried giving her my expressed milk from a bottle but she wouldn’t take it. She was having nipple confusion because she was used to direct latching. It was hard for us especially for me as she kept on crying and refused to drink milk unless it was direct latch.


She eventually drank expressed milk from a bottle but we had another problem. Expressed milk stored in a Freezer Compartment can only stay for up to 2 weeks. But Micah didn’t like the smell and taste. I tasted it and it smelled soapy and rancid. I realized that my milk has a higher-than-average levels of enzyme lipase which overtime breaks down fat in expressed milk. And that causes cold milk to develop a soapy smell and taste. It is completely safe for babies but there are babies that are sensitive to the milk’s smell and taste – and Micah is one of them unfortunately. There is a way to avoid this but it will take so much of my time. I have to heat the milk until small bubbles form. I still have another child so I have to divide my attention to both of them. What did I do? I had to taste my expressed milk every day to determine how many days will it’s smell and taste to remain the same. I had to store it for a maximum of 3 days only.


Expressing milk takes time and effort and no mother wants her liquid gold to be wasted. So what did I do with the bunch of expressed milk in the freezer? I donated them. It was indeed a right time when a stranger asked for my help. Their daughter is a preemie and was in NICU and she needed breast milk. So, I gave everything to them.


Some of the Expressed Milk i have donated. 🙂


Two weeks after returning to work was really a struggle for us. But we are grateful that our Company offers Work from Home arrangement. I had to go to office everyday for 2 weeks to attend a training. So, it’s my husband’s turn to work from home. It’s a big help as well if your husband is supportive and hands on.

After the training, I went back to working from home for a couple of days a week. It’s a big help as I get to continue to breastfeed Micah. I also get to work in the comforts of our home and at the same time, make sure that I am able to take care our children. It’s hard to juggle tasks, but at the end of the day, it feels so rewarding to see that you are able to do everything. I want to be a full time mom (who doesn’t?). But I also need to earn money and contribute to our daily expenses. =)

pumped milk

Expressing milk at work every 3 hours. 🙂


Breastfeeding is never easy. I have Plugged Milk Ducts every now and then. I am aware what it is, but I never thought that it could happen to me. I felt a big, hard lump that’s sore. It’s painful when I touch it and most especially when Micah’s latching on. I wasn’t able to sleep until my Ob-Gyne advised that I should take pain killer. I took Ponstan 500 and I was able to sleep. But when I woke up, the pain was still there. Even If I pump milk or had Micah latch (despite how painful it is), it won’t disappear. Also, I had a fever the following day. It’s always a struggle when you are sick because you cannot take any medication that you used to take. I am limited to Paracetamol and water therapy. But, again, it’s ok.


I’m glad I chose to breastfeed Micah. My plan is to exclusively breastfeed her until she is 2 years old. It’s always rewarding to know that I am able to provide my kids the best nutrition. It’s also a crazy feeling that my body is able to provide liquid gold that’s giving them a good immune system. Another rewarding feeling of breastfeeding is the bonding time that we have – plus I get to sleep better and longer at night.


Glad to know that breastfeeding at the malls is so comfortable. 🙂


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Delivery Day

August 23 was my last visit to my OB-Gyne. The original plan was to schedule my  C-Section Delivery on August 27 – same as my Nanay’s Birthday. But during the check up, my OB performed an IE and found out that I was already 1cm open. I was only 36 weeks 4 days only so I was told to have a complete bedrest until Friday. That Friday evening, I was admitted and was scheduled for C-section delivery on August 26, Saturday. 

I was so nervous. I’ll go under the knife for a Major Operation; but, I wad excited to finally meet our Princess. 

I had my last dinner at Jolibee at 7pm before we went to the hospital. It was already 8pm when we arrived at the ER and I was the only patient. SOP procedures where done such as – filling up of personal information forms, shaving of tummy upto down there and interview with the resident doctor. She was amazed on how prepared I was with everything. 🙂 Mommy Book (neatly covered in plastic), Mock Birth Certificate of Micah, Philhealth Foms, My Personal Information and Medical History, Contact Information of my husband, Government IDs and Birth Plan – name it, I had it. 🙂 

I was brought to the room after, to rest. At 12 midnight, I was no longer allowed to eat nor drink. At 4am I was already awake so I took  a bath and put on makeup. Yes, I had light makeup  🙂 

No IV yet. 🙂 At 37 weeks. 🙂

IV was  inserted at 5am and at 7am I was brought to the Operating Room. I was scheduled at 8am. 

SOP procedures again were done inside the OR. I was awake the whole time. I really wanted to know what’s happening inside during a C-section delivery. 

It was past 8am when the Anesthesiologist came in. He introduced himself and he immidiately injected the Spinal Anesthesia. Everything happened so fast after that. I got groggy but I had to stay awake because I wanted to see Micah right after birth. 

My Ob-Gyne and her 2 assistant doctors were talking about branded bags during the procedure. Hehe I can hear and see them the whole time. At 9am, Micah came out. 

Hello World! I’m finally out!

She was immediately passed to her Pediatrician for proper cleaning and to make sure that she was ok. And we had our first photo together. 🙂 

Micah and Mommy first photo together

It was a quick picture taking and her Pediatrician had to get her again for further checking and to measure her. I cannot recall what happened but I think I went to sleep and woke up a few minutes when I was brought to the recovery room. I was the only patient in the recovery room – so I did not feel stressed at all. And all nurses and doctors were focused on me only. 🙂

A few minutes after that, I was brought back to the room while Micah was still in the NICU. 

When I gave birth to Aidan, I had a very long recovery period. It was very painful and post partum played a big part in prolonging my recovery. It was different this time. I had to be well as soon as possible because I had Aidan to take care too. I had to pass air in the next 24hrs so that I can start eating and drinking. And I did! It takes about 2 days before you can walk, but I did it in 1 day! 

On the road to recovery 🙂

It was very painful but I had to. The nurses were amazed by my fast recovery. 🙂 After 2 days my Ob-Gyne told me that I can be discharged already. But, I chose to stay for 1 more night because Micah was still inside NICU. 😦 

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The Last Stretch – My 3rd Trimester 

Upon writing this, I am still working from home for my 3rd Trimester because of my delicate pregnancy.  I am LUCKY  because I still get to work at the comforts of our home despite of my condition. 3rd Trimester is supposed to be the shortest one (28-40 weeks),  but the HARDEST.
I started feeling sharp pains in my back, pelvic and tummy since reaching 34 weeks. I find it hard to walk because of the pain I feel in my pelvic area. My legs are already numb and I find it hard to sleep because this little creature is kicking me all the time like she’s doing gymnastics inside my uterus.

My Maternity Photo shoot was supposed to be scheduled on my 35th week but because I am already experiencing Contractions as early as 34 weeks, I decided to just have a DIY Maternity Shoot instead.

I had my last CBC and Urinalysis done on 34 weeks.


Last CBC

At 35 weeks, I had my Biophysical Profile and Micah’s Profile Score is Prefect 8. 🙂 I had contractions already but because It’s still early to give birth, I was given Duvadilan until 36 weeks and had to complete 4 shots of steroids to strengthen Micah’s lungs in case I wuld need to deliver before 37 weeks.


Steroids for Baby’s Lungs in case excited na siya lumabas before 37 weeks

I had a hard time completing the 4 shots because it has to be exactly every 12 hours and only a registered nurse or a doctor can administer it. I went to Pasay General Hospital since it is the nearest hospital at home but they won’t administer the 1st shot. My OB had to do it first and then they can continue  with the rest. Good thing, the hotel where we stayed during Aidan’s birthday is near my OB’s Clinic. So, we had to go there every 12 hours (for the 1st 2 shots) and then, when we checked out of the hotel, we continued the last 2 shots at Pasay General Hospital. 

Steroids shot is really painful. Hindi ko ma explain kung gaano kasakit basta masakit siya talaga. 😦

4 Shots of Steroids done 🙂

I had my prenatal check up last week and I was advised that I need to continue taking Duvadilan until I reach 37 weeks and I should be on a strict bed rest because of my irregular contractions. I also thought that I can wait until I am 38 weeks (because according to Chinese Astrology, September 2 is an Auspicious Date to give birth). However, my OB-Gyne doesn’t want to risk it. So, I wad scheduled on August 27 (which is completely fine because it is my Moms Birthday). =)

My 3rd trimester 🙂


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8th on 08-08

It’s our Coco’s 8th Birthday!!! We celebrated his Birthday thrice. 1st – on the day of his Birthday, we bought 4 dozens of JCO Doughnuts for his Classmates and Teachers to share.

No automatic alt text available.

Simple Celebration in School

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting

The kids enjoyed their Dessert during Lunch time


Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and child

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

2nd – At home, we had a simple dinner. Bought Jollibee Bucket of Chicken with Spaghetti and JCO Doughnuts for dessert as requested by the Birthday Celebrant.


3rd – Since his birthday fall on a Wednesday (School Day), we booked a 1 night stay at One Pacific Place on August 12. It was also Wowo’s Birthday the next day – Double Celebration it is.

Upon arrival, while waiting for our room, we were brought to the Strands Cafe to have FREE drinks. You can either chose coffee, water, tea of fruit shake / juice.


Patiently waiting for our Complimentary Welcome Drinks =)

We booked the 2 Bedroom Premier Suite. The room includes a large living area, a master bedroom with private bathroom, guestroom, kitchen, dining area and a common bathroom. The room is perfectly designed for family use.


There’s a Masters Bedroom with 1 Queen Bed and a Guest Room with 1 Double Bed. The Masters Bedroom has a bathroom inside.

Few days before we checked in, I already informed the receptionist that we’re there for my son’s birthday. Upon check in, he was given a birthday cake. =)

Our plan is to have a simple birthday dinner at our room. Dada, baked Blueberry Cheesecake as per Celebrants request and we bought AGAIN Jollibee Bucket Meal. Yes, pagbigyan ang birthday celebrant. Birthday niya e. We also had some leftover food from our Lunch at North Park earlier that day.


Where’s the hidden Mickey 🙂


The Birthday Celebrants! Wowo and Coco!

He requested for a Bunny Pinata for his birthday so i made one. I placed chocolates and candies inside.

After dinner, we had a quick rest before we went to the Pool area.


The next morning, we went to Strand Cafe for our Breakfast Buffet. There’s only FREE Buffet for 2 so we had to pay for additional 2 for Mama and Papa. Aidan’s FREE of charge. 🙂

I wasn’t able to take a pizza of the Main Course. 😦


I’m pregnant so I was not able to taste their coffee. Food is great and there are a lot of food choices. I really want to go back here for the Breakfast Buffet.

After breakfast, we gave our present. He really wished to have a Playstation 4 so he could play Minecraft and other games.



Wish Granted =)


Minecraft Game. 🙂

We had a quick dip at the pool before we check out.




Inside their Gym

We really had fun and Aidan enjoyed his Birthday Celebration. I really recommend the hotel because it’s cozy and the hotel staff are friendly and helpful. And of course, the Buffet is great!



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My 2nd Trimester Journey

2nd Trimester

Just last month, I posted about my 1st Trimester Journey. I’m down to my last stretch now and I am ready to post my 2nd Trimester Journey.

At 20 weeks I was scheduled for CAS (Congenital Anomaly Scan) to check if the baby is developing normally and to check the gender as well. I am not a fan of 3d/4d and I am more keen to know that my baby is healthy and normal. CAS is a  very detailed scan that takes about 30-40 minutes. All of the baby’s organs are examined and measured too. CAS costs much than the normal 2D Ultrasound.  Good thing my OB only charged me PhP2500 for the CAS with Gender Determination. We checked the gender but she was on a breech position so the Sonologist cannot give me 100% assurance for the gender.

At  24 weeks, I had my blood tests done. It was an exhausting one because I had to undergo 8 hours of fasting and had to endure another 3-4 hours at the Laboratory for the OGGT test. It was also a bad decision to do it in the Laboratory near the house. Didn’t know that it was much expensive compared to Hi-Precision in Powerplant. And the result went out that I have high sugar level.


I was referred to an Endocrinologist for  2nd opinion by my Ob-Gyne. The next week I went to  Makati Medical Center to see my Endocrinologist. I was told that I have Gestational Diabetes and I need to monitor my Glucose 4x a day for 2 weeks.  I am still blessed because the Diabetes Center of Makati Medical Center that time are giving away Accu-Chek Glucose Monitoring Set for FREE. You just need to buy the strips, present it to them and they will give you the Machine for FREE 🙂


First time to check my Glucose and it went fine. 🙂



Only .1 and I’m going to reach 140. 😦

I  was also  asked  to get a TSH test (for Thyroid) by my Endocrinologist.

Thyroid Test

It was painful than I expected

My energy levels are great too during my 2nd Trimester, with a bit of achiness from my lower back and legs. I also had an increase appetite but because I was monitoring my sugar 4x a day, I have to strictly follow my new diet.

It was also the first time I felt her kicks. I am always excited whenever I feel her kicks like a ninja.

At 27 weeks, before we bid goodbye to 2nd Trimester, my Sonologist confirmed that we are having a Baby Girl! 🙂  I was in awe when she said it’s 100% Baby Girl.

2nd trimester girl

What’s the Baby’s Name? The husband and I already decided to name her after Dada (Michael) and my name (Anne) as her second name. But because the name is quiet popular here in the Philippines, we changed the spelling to – Maychele Anne – Gift from God.

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A Tale of Surviving my 1st Trimester

1st trimester

Instead of complaining, (like most people do a lot), I always try to put a positive spin on everything.

I’d been wanting to write a blog about my second pregnancy but I didn’t have the time until tonight. 🙂

Pregnancy was never easy for me. Even during my first pregnancy with my eldest (Aidan), I was rushed to the hospital when I was just 32 weeks in (July 7-12, 2009) due to preterm labor; and when i was on my 36th week and 6th day of pregnancy, I was rushed for the second time to the hospital. My OB had to inject something to stop the contractions until I reached 37 weeks. I gave birth via Cesarean delivery, and it’s also one of the major reasons why we had a hard time deciding on having a second baby.

When the husband and I did decide to have a second child, it took us almost a year trying to conceive. At 32, with a regular 8-hour job, managing 2 small businesses on the side, managing my time to make sure I fulfill my duties as a wife and a mother –  were may be few of the reasons why It was hard for us to get pregnant again.

It was Friday morning of January 6, 2017, when I went to church and prayed really hard. God was so good because that same week, he answered my  prayer.

Sunday afternoon, January 8,  I decided to take a Pregnancy Test and it came up POSITIVE! 🙂


We (Aidan, Dada and I) were so happy and excited with the good news! I was so thrilled to be pregnant again, thinking it would be easier compared to the first one.

There’s so much fun during your first trimester – getting a POSITIVE result on your pregnancy test, the FIRST ULTRASOUND, seeing and hearing your BABY’S FIRST HEARTBEAT, and most of all sharing the GOOD NEWS with your loved ones.

Mine was a MIX OF SORTS though.

I had a lot of discomfort, nausea, dizziness, severe headache everyday, indigestion, and most of all SPOTTING. I visited four (4) OB-Gyne’s (for a second-third opinion about the cause of the spotting), had several ultrasound to make sure the baby is safe, and had to take Duphaston twice a day for 2 months.

All four (4) doctors I went to, advised me to go on bed rest  to make sure that baby will be safe to avoid pre-term labor. I had to elevate my legs all the time for the first 2 months. Weird but It worked.

I was getting emotional everyday; especially due to the fact that I couldn’t take care of my son the way I used to. Mommy has to sit or lie in bed all the time, no energy to move around because I am always dizzy due to nausea. It was so hard to balance your own comfort and your family’s needs.

Yet, I am thankful that I am still blessed. I am on bed rest but I am able to Work From the Comforts of our Home (Thank you so much AMS), I have my in laws to support and help us in our daily needs and most of all, I have a loving husband who will drop anything and make us his first priority.

We are now on our 26th week, 1 more week and we’ll say hello to the final stretch of my pregnancy. We are so excited to see our new munchkin in  3 months. 🙂

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Aidan’s First Dance Class

Aidan’s first ever Dance Workshop was with non other than, G-Force! 🙂
It was early of September last year when I first brought him to their Walk-in classes for Advance Hip hop for kids. I really want him to love dancing as much as I do but I never wanted to force him. My goal was to really enroll him to different Activities; and of course, we started with dancing.

2nd Hip-Hop Class with Teacher Devon


He looks very Happy =)

Pics during the dance


I asked him if he enjoyed dancing and he said yes. He continued attending the Walk-in classes the following week and when their 2016 Sem Break Workshop was announced, I asked him if he wanted to join. I was so happy when he said YES. 🙂

He requested to join Teacher Chrissian’s class so we waited for a month for the 2nd Batch.

The Dance Workshop was held 2x per week, 1.50hrs per session.

After weeks of training they had their Dance Concert last October 29 at the Music Museum.

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G-Force Project 2016 (Sembreak)

The BIG DAY has finally come. It’s Aidan’s first dance recital and it’s with none other than G-Force.

The Big Day was held in the Music Museum. It’s the parents and grandparents first time there too. We were all excited for the show. We thought of getting a room for 1 night at the nearest hotel – Elan Greenhills Modern Hotel. It’s located just across Greenhills so it was very convenient for all of us. There were  2 shows and we were afraid that Aidan would get exhausted. We checked in early at 12:00 noon (Good thing there was already a room available).

Purchased 4 tickets for the show =)

They had their last Technical Rehearsals at 1:00 pm before the first show officially started at 3:00pm. During the Matinee show we had to go back to the hotel to rest; went back to the Music Museum at 5:00pm to fetch Aidan.

That day we were able to get Aidan’s Dance Book too. 🙂

Spot the smallest student of Teacher Chrissian 🙂

To see him happy with what he’s doing = PRICELESS 🙂


It was a quick break / dinner for the kids before their second show at 7:00 pm. I really thought that he was so exhausted already but he was not. He really enjoyed dancing in front of the crowd. I am so proud of our Little One.

At 7:00 pm, the evening show officially started and we were all excited to watch the kids dance.

Cute Little Rascals 🙂

Final dance with all the G-Force Teacher, Dancers and Students

The show ended at around 10:00 PM.

I am such a Proud Mom…

With the Proud Dad 🙂

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Greenhills Elan Hotel Review

During Aidan’s Dance Concert (October 29, 2016), we envisioned that it was going to be a tiring day for all of us. Hubby and I then decided to look for a hotel close to Music Museum. When I checked online, the nearest that I saw was the Elan Hotel in Greenhills. The hotel was a felicitous one for us because it’s located just across Greenhills. The Hotel is strategically located in the middle of business and leisure areas.

We checked in early and we were immediately assisted by their friendly staff. Parking wasn’t an issue as they had enough space when my in laws arrived.

We got a 30% discount when we booked the room online.

Details below:

Limited Offer : 30% discount has been applied to this reservation

Rate Plan Description::
30% Off Weekend Promo (Friday-Sunday)
with buffet breakfast and wifi access
Meal: Buffet Breakfast
Meal Description:
With buffet breakfast for two


  • Complimentary Wi-fi Access
  • Free use of swimming Pool:
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Free use of Jacuzzi:
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Complimentary newspaper
Number of Guests:
Adults: 2 Children: 1
Note: Adult = 12 year(s) and above;
Children = below 11 year(s)
For a Superior Room for 2 Adults and 1 child (with Breakfast Buffet for 2), we only paid PhP2390.24.
We were welcomed with Complimentary Iced Tea upon check in.
I loved how they combined the stylish patterns with warm earth tones. I also can’t help but notice the stones that they used as decoration in the room.  We also had a great view of Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club from our room.
We really love the bathroom because of it’s environment friendly features and it has a bath tub with hot and cold shower.Unlike other hotels that has travel size soap, shampoo, lotion and body bath for the guests, this Eco-friendly hotel have it in a refill bottles instead.

Bath Liquid Soap

Aidan really loves bath tubs so even if he was tired after his dance, he still went to bath before getting to bed.

The next day, we went to Elan Cafe located at the ground floor for the Breakfast Buffet. After breakfast we went back to the room to rest before we went to the swimming pool.


The pool is ok. Nothing spectacular about it. At least they have a small pool for the kids. I didn’t have the chance to swim that day because I didn’t bring any swimwear.

The Jacuzzi was turned off  and we didn’t bother to check how to turn it on so Daddy and Aidan stayed in the pool instead.


Photo grabbed from Travel Advisory

After an hour of dipping, we went to their Gym to check it out. There was no one there so we had fun with the Gym Equipment.

Overall we all had a fun stay at Elan Hotel. If you ask me If I want to go back for another stay, my answer would be – YES. 🙂


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