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Wooden Jewelry Box from Blue Magic

on January 3, 2013

I just can’t resist posting this cute stuff my Mom in law gave me this Christmas. The first time I saw it, I suddenly thought of my Makeup Train. It was like a miniature version of it. =)

LEFT:Close | RIGHT:Open
They’re twins. =) 

It’s made of wood, with 4 small and 1 medium compartments. It looks very plain so I think it would be nice If u paint it and accessorize it.

Blue Magic sells quirky and cute novelty products, but I never thought that they had these cute jewelry box. I love cheap accessories especially cute earrings. So this is really a perfect gift for me. =)

This stuff is really small that only my earrings and necklaces can fit into it. I have huge bracelets that wont fit so I still need my other jewelry box for those. At least all my earrings are all in this one cute jewelry box. =)

The Verdict  = RAVE


2 responses to “Wooden Jewelry Box from Blue Magic

  1. Nice little box! Blue Magic was so popular when I was in High School and College along with Tickles. They aren't as popular now but they have stood the test of time. I think I'll drop by the store just because of your blogpost!

    I come to your blog often but have not left a comment until now. Nice little makeup collection you've got there! Hope you can visit me too.

  2. anne1109 says:

    Hi. =) Yes, its really cute. I think it's only 250pesos. I might drop by the store too to check if there's bigger size for my necklaces and bracelets.

    I'm already a follower of your blog. I've seen your posts in GT. =)

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