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Highlights of 2012 (What made my 2012 memorable)

on January 6, 2013

This was supposed to be posted on New years Eve as a Year Ender but I got lazy to do it. =)


  • My second Apo (My nephew’s son was born last January 5, 2012.)
Welcome to the family Gelo (Francis Angelo Potente)


  • We attended a birthday party in Jolibee
Kissssssssssss – Marc B’s 1st Birthday Celebration

  • Hubby and I attended a Wedding at Don Bosco Church in Makati. =)
Boo and Jenny’s Wedding


  • Our Church Wedding and 3rd Wedding Anniversary
March 9 – Our Church Wedding and 3rd Wedding Anniversary


  • We attended a Birthday Party at Manhann Greenhills
Kayleigh’s First Birthday (Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party)


  • We went home to Iloilo for the Pototan Town Fiesta
Food! Food! Food!
  • Guimaras trip with Hubby and the Little Boy

The Little Boy’s enjoying the sand. =)

  • Mother’s Day Treat for My ever loving Nanay
Fish Spa Treat for nanay
  • Hubby’s 29th Birthday Celebration. Because I love him that much, his birthday wish was granted. =)
He’s such a happy Birthday Boy. =)


  • Weekend Vacation to Baguio with Family and In laws.
With Douglas =)


  • I had my first Basic Makeup Class. A week after, I was offered for an Internship by the Chief Makeup Artist.

  • We attended Aiven’s Birthday Party at Fun Ranch
Aiven’s 7th Birhday @ Fun Ranch


  • Aidan’s 3rd birthday.
The Little Boy Blowing his candle (Personalized Cake from KK)  


  • First time to watch a Dance Concert. And It’s the Powerdance. =)
Superb performance from Powerdance.


  • I’m officially a Makeup Artist & Instructor of The Makeup Artistry Philippines. Yahoo!!!
Yihee. =)

  • Andy’s (My apo, Niece’s Son, Inaanak) 3rd Birthday
Best Buddy (LEFT: Andy | RIGHT: Aidan)
  • Aidan’s First Trick or Treat
Our Little Robin Hood


  • Our 2nd Iloilo Vacation this year. I celebrated my 28th Birthday with my family in Iloilo.
PRICELESS Birthday Celebration with Family!


  • We Celebrated Christmas Eve at my sisters house in Quezon City
Christmas Eve at my sister’s house
The Little Boy’s so excited to open his gifts in our house in Cavite.
  • Spa treat for Me and Dada at Wensha Spa
Busog and Relaxed. =) 

It has been Memorable year for me and my Family. Thank you God for all the blessings. Hoping for more blessings this 2013. =)


5 responses to “Highlights of 2012 (What made my 2012 memorable)

  1. Rae says:

    Your 2012 was great… and I think it will continue on to 2013!

    PS. I like the dress you wore at the wedding you attended in Don Bosco.

  2. Great year! Thanks for sharing!

  3. anne1109 says:

    @Rae – Thanks. I really hope so. That dress was the same dress I wore on our civil wedding 4 years ago. hehehe

    @maita – Thanks sis. =)

  4. yammie says:

    Making a post on your 2012 highlights is a great idea!

    I just had to read through some of the descriptions again, though, coz I thought I read wrongly. Re: apos. 🙂
    I think that was your first photo then I saw the 3rd and 4th photos and I was like o.O apos?! She's so young to have apos!

  5. anne1109 says:

    @Yammi – Hahaha! Yes, I have 2 apos (grandchildren) already (1 from my niece and the other 1 from my nephew)hahaha

    Thanks for reading my post. =)

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