LIFE is a DANCE if you take the STEPS. This is my DANCE. The story of my LIFE.

Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

Aidan’s First Dance Class

Aidan’s first ever Dance Workshop was with non other than, G-Force! 🙂
It was early of September last year when I first brought him to their Walk-in classes for Advance Hip hop for kids. I really want him to love dancing as much as I do but I never wanted to force him. My goal was to really enroll him to different Activities; and of course, we started with dancing.

2nd Hip-Hop Class with Teacher Devon


He looks very Happy =)

Pics during the dance


I asked him if he enjoyed dancing and he said yes. He continued attending the Walk-in classes the following week and when their 2016 Sem Break Workshop was announced, I asked him if he wanted to join. I was so happy when he said YES. 🙂

He requested to join Teacher Chrissian’s class so we waited for a month for the 2nd Batch.

The Dance Workshop was held 2x per week, 1.50hrs per session.

After weeks of training they had their Dance Concert last October 29 at the Music Museum.

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Greenhills Elan Hotel Review

During Aidan’s Dance Concert (October 29, 2016), we envisioned that it was going to be a tiring day for all of us. Hubby and I then decided to look for a hotel close to Music Museum. When I checked online, the nearest that I saw was the Elan Hotel in Greenhills. The hotel was a felicitous one for us because it’s located just across Greenhills. The Hotel is strategically located in the middle of business and leisure areas.

We checked in early and we were immediately assisted by their friendly staff. Parking wasn’t an issue as they had enough space when my in laws arrived.

We got a 30% discount when we booked the room online.

Details below:

Limited Offer : 30% discount has been applied to this reservation

Rate Plan Description::
30% Off Weekend Promo (Friday-Sunday)
with buffet breakfast and wifi access
Meal: Buffet Breakfast
Meal Description:
With buffet breakfast for two


  • Complimentary Wi-fi Access
  • Free use of swimming Pool:
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Free use of Jacuzzi:
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Complimentary newspaper
Number of Guests:
Adults: 2 Children: 1
Note: Adult = 12 year(s) and above;
Children = below 11 year(s)
For a Superior Room for 2 Adults and 1 child (with Breakfast Buffet for 2), we only paid PhP2390.24.
We were welcomed with Complimentary Iced Tea upon check in.
I loved how they combined the stylish patterns with warm earth tones. I also can’t help but notice the stones that they used as decoration in the room.  We also had a great view of Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club from our room.
We really love the bathroom because of it’s environment friendly features and it has a bath tub with hot and cold shower.Unlike other hotels that has travel size soap, shampoo, lotion and body bath for the guests, this Eco-friendly hotel have it in a refill bottles instead.

Bath Liquid Soap

Aidan really loves bath tubs so even if he was tired after his dance, he still went to bath before getting to bed.

The next day, we went to Elan Cafe located at the ground floor for the Breakfast Buffet. After breakfast we went back to the room to rest before we went to the swimming pool.


The pool is ok. Nothing spectacular about it. At least they have a small pool for the kids. I didn’t have the chance to swim that day because I didn’t bring any swimwear.

The Jacuzzi was turned off  and we didn’t bother to check how to turn it on so Daddy and Aidan stayed in the pool instead.


Photo grabbed from Travel Advisory

After an hour of dipping, we went to their Gym to check it out. There was no one there so we had fun with the Gym Equipment.

Overall we all had a fun stay at Elan Hotel. If you ask me If I want to go back for another stay, my answer would be – YES. 🙂


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My DIYs for Aidan’s 7th Birthday

I love parties but because I am a Frugal person, I prefer DIY’s instead of hiring someone to do things for me. Besides, I also enjoy doing arts and crafts.

For Aidan’s birthday party, since the theme was Minecraft, I searched online for some DIYs that I can make myself.

My first DIY are the Loot Bags.


I used colored chalks to write the label “Loot Bags”

I went online, searched for the most unique Loot Bag ideas for a Minecraft Theme. Instead of having a Candy Bar, we placed the candies and other sweet goodies inside the Loot Bags instead.


Bunch of Goodies!

I bought wooden boxes in landmark that I can use to place the Loot Bags. They’re so cute. I posted some Minecraft Faces and placed some Minecraft Faces on sticks as additional decoration


The Pop Corn buckets were from Divisoria for only 35 pesos for 10 pcs. For the Logos, I made it myself and had it printed from my Mother in laws office.




Thank you for Creeping. =)

Next for my DIY is Aidan’s name made of Legos.


We first  placed it in the Gifts Table as additional decoration and then decided to move it together with the Cupcakes and Creeper’s Head during the blowing of candle.


I really love this DIY because Aidan and I made this.

Then, we made  Creeper’s Head as per the celebrants request.

I didn’t make it myself though. It was my husband’s officemate who did it.


Complete Gear – Creeper Face and Steve’s Axe / Sword


He’s so excited to wear it!


His Happy Face while wearing Creepers Head

I bought 2 dozens of mini mint green balloons  and 20 Big Green balloons, but had no idea what to do with it. The night before the party, I decided to make a simple balloon arrangement to add to the Gifts Table.


30 pcs balloons on sticks were already included in the package. I was very lucky that Jollibee followed our theme and had Balloons on different shades of green instead of the assorted colors.


The last DIY that I made was The Bunting.


What is Bunting?

Bunting is a term for any festive decorations made of fabric, or of plastic, paper or even cardboard in imitation of fabric. Typical forms of bunting are strings of colorful triangular flags and lengths of fabric in the colors of national flags gathered and draped into swags or pleated into fan shapes.

The prizes were also included in the package. We went to Duty Free a week before the party and bought some goodies that we can add to the prizes. Some items were bought from landmark and SM Malls.


Cute Elephant Sharpeners and Ben Ten Whistle I bought from Landmark Makati


The parade of prizes. =)


Peanuts Bubbles, Tiffany Wafers, Cute Pencils, etc.



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Coco’s LegoLand Malaysia Adventure!

On our 2nd day in Singapore, we went to Malaysia to bring Aidan to Lego Land. It’s our Graduation Gift for him and he was so excited to go.

Johor Malaysia is just an hour ride from Singapore. We left the house early and just ate breakfast when we arrived at Legoland. My sister in law and her husband rented a van to take us to Malaysia and then fetch us in the afternoon back to Singapore.


On our way and we were very excited!!!


And we’re finally in Johor malaysia! =)

We had breakfast in Uptown Coffee first before we went inside Legoland.


And we’re finally here!


You may rent Trolley for the kids – lucky them. =)


Aidan’s first ride was the Lego City Driving School. He was actually above minimum age but he just pretended that he was just 5 years old so that he could join his cousin Tyler.


Once all the children are seated safe in the car, the staff will blow the whistle as a signal that they can start. yes, it’s a race btw. )


He won! =)

Coco’s next stop was the Boating School. It’s hot so Dada accompanied the mini Boat Driver.


My Boys!

Next to our stop was the Rescue Academy. It was so fun that we had to try it again. =) The entire family can join the Rescue Team to compete with other Family. The team / family who can put out the fire first wins the game.

It was a tiring but fun game. It may look easy to do, but believe me, you need  strong arms for this. =)

We had few more rides before we had lunch.



I bet Aidan will never forget his Beetle Bounce Ride. He got mixed emotions – Happy and Nervous!


Next, we went to the Observation Tower. It’s an air-conditioned deck  that moves vertically in a slow circular motion. From up there, you can see the entire Legoland.



View of the entire Legoland.

Aidan was a BIG FAN of Star Wars and he was very happy when he saw LEGO Star Wars. It was just opened recently, and inside were different Star Wars Figures made of Legos – of course. There were models of Different Star Wars episodes. Aidan really enjoyed them because they’re actually moving. =)


Next stop is at the Big Castle, with the Mini Roller Coaster. Dragon’s Apprentice was a small Roller Coaster but I was still afraid of it. They say it’s a children’s ride but it felt more thrilling than I expected. Good thing Aidan didn’t try it.


The best part was when we tried the Aquazone Wave Racers. It was so fun Aidan had to do it again. he didn’t mind even if he was already soaking wet.




Another Hit Ride for Aidan is the Royal Joust. It’s a classic medieval contest in the saddle of a Lego Horse.


Aidan’s Adventure


One More Mommy!


He really enjoyed it big time! It was a long and tiring day, but we really enjoyed LegoLand. Halos lahat ng rides na try namin. We will definitely go back next time!

Before we left Legoland, we went to the Lego Store to buy Legos for the kids. Syempre, mawawala ba yun. hehehe

It took almost an hour for Aidan to finally decide what to buy. Litong lito ang bata. hehehe He ended up with… of course, his first ever Minecraft World Lego.

At 5 pm, the van arrived to take us back to Singapore.  =)





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Breakfast at OldTown White Coffee Malaysia

Day 2, May 13. It’s Legoland Day! 

The kids were very excited that day. They got up very early to prepare. My sister in law already arranged everything for us. It was just a Day Trip to Malaysia Legoland so we rented a van for a hassle free trip.

It was just an hour drive from Singapore and since we haven’t eaten breakfast yet, we first went to OldTown White Coffee.


1 Philippine Peso = 0.088 Malaysian Ringgit





Keeping them busy while waiting for our order


This Coffee Shop offers various breakfast selections.



Kaya Toast 7.90 RM

I was told that when you are in Singapore, you must try their Kaya Toast. I did, but in Malaysia. This delicious bread is pared with Soft boiled eggs.



Omega Soft Boiled Eggs 4,90 RM for additional Eggs


Western Platter 14.90 RM


Their breakfast Meals are definitely yummy, big serving and affordable. Add 2RM on every meal your choice of drinks.



Hot Lemon Tea


We ordered it by mistake but i didn’t regret. Masarap siya. =)



Never miss to try their White Coffee.


The taste is perfectly unique and the price is cheap. 🙂 I definitely enjoyed my first breakfast in Malaysia. =)




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Gardens by the Bay (The Cloud Forest)

After wandering inside The Flower Dome, we went inside The Cloud Forest. Inside, you can see different species of orchids, pitcher plants and ferns. You can explore the entire place by walking into the 35-metre-man-made mountain and waterfall.



Man Made Waterfall


Enjoy sila kahit nababasa na. =)



Yes, inakyat namin yan with the kids =) 


Nakakapagod siyang akyatin but it was all worth it. You’ll get a good view of the OCBC Skyway, Supertrees and the Marina Bay. =)






Finally! We reached the top! 

It was very tiring but it was a great experience! Buti nalang super lamig sa loob, so walang pawis. 🙂

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SmÃ¥land – Kids World in Ikea. :)

Done with our Brunch in Ikea. Burp!  Ikea has a Play House inside and when the kids found out, they insisted that they want to play there instead.  You can leave your kids inside for an hour while you shop.


They’re Excited!


Kids should first check their height if they’re allowed to enter. 🙂 Babies and Toddlers that didn’t reach the height requirement are not allowed to play.



Moms / Guardians need to sign up First. 🙂 


After signing up, the attended will sanitize the kids hands, will ask them to remove their shoes including socks and will be given a plastic box. All of their stuff should be placed there including their water bottle in case they get thirsty.

Then, the kids will bring it inside. 🙂 Another great job to Ikea for teaching kids to be independent. 🙂


Småland Conditions of EntrySmåland is a play area opened daily for kids:
– Height between 0.9m to 1.3m
– Toilet trained
– Last intake is at 10.00pm
– Terms and conditions apply

1. The parent/guardian(s) indicated on the indemnity form must remain in the IKEA store and respond immediately when contacted while your child/children is/are in the playroom facility.
2. Each child may use the playroom facilities for a maximum of one (1) hour per day. IKEA, however, reserves the right to remove the child/children before the one (1) hour is up.
3. As a security measure, only the parent/guardian stated is responsible for the registering in/out of the child/children with proper identification.
4. IKEA and its employees, contractors, etc hereby disclaim all responsibilities for any loss, injury and / or damage which may occur however caused.

For more information about SmÃ¥land, visit Ikiea’s website:

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Brunch at Ikea Restaurant

May 12, 2016 – it’s officially the start of our Singapore Vacation. ☺ We got up early in the morning, had coffee (milk for the kids) and prepared for our trip to Ikea. ☺☺☺

I can’t contain my excitement because it’s one of the reason why I really wanted to go to Singapore. Ikea shopping. ☺ I looooove Ikea products.


Inside a 2 deck bus… Ikea here i come!!!

Yay! I can’t wait to get inside.

Since we only had coffee at home, we decided to have breakfast first.. I was so amazed with Ikea’s Restaurant. They have a lot of healthy  choices for kids and adults.


Tray Trolleys. Oh Ikea, very smart idea. 🙂 You really make our lives easier!


Ready to get his order 

Hubby and I loved their brewed coffee. The best brewed coffee we tasted in Singapore. Plus, it is refillable. 😀😆


Ikea encourages their guests to clean their own table after eating. Because of this practice, they don’t need to hire more people; so that the can afford to sell their food at a lower price. ☺☺☺ Very smart.

It was such a n unforgettable dining experience in my favorite store. 🙂




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First Out of the Country Trip with the Family – Singapore.

It was Aidan’s first time to travel outside the Philippines and he was very excited.

May 11, 2016, we left the house at 4pm for our 8pm flight to Singapore. The flight was delayed for 30 minutes but it was fine.


Do not panic. Aidan is seating in the next row next to his mamu. 🙂 (see seat numbers hehe)


Look how excited Coco  (kuya in chinese ) was. ☺


Dancing in Happiness




It was a 3 and a half hour flight. A bit exhausting because I can’t put myself to sleep during the whole flight and it was freezing cold.


When you ride the plane, you must read the Emergency Guidelines.



Continue reading… even if your Mom is trying to annoy you. 🙂

At 12 midnight, we finally arrived Changi Airport.



Yehey! Thank you Dear God!  We all arrived safe and sound in Singapore. 🙂

My sister in law was already there waiting for us. We went home straight so we can have a good rest before we officially start our vacation the next day.

More posts about our first Singapore trip in my next posts. ☺☺☺

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Going Loco Over Coco Hut Fried Chicken and Fish

It was 5 am in the morning when Hubby and I visited a client who’s working in UP Town Center to deliver our Christmas present. It was our first time in UP Town Center and we wanted to at least spend an hour or two there after the said meeting. Since, we haven’t eaten breakfast yet, we searched the place to find a place to eat.

That’s when our feet stopped at the Coco Hut Fried Chicken and Fish. At 6 am, it’s one of the few restaurant that’s already open.


When we entered, I was amazed by it’s design. They really made use of our humble coconut, not just as their main ingredient on most of the food they serve but also in the restaurant’s interior design.


The Cashier Area is designed with a Nipa Hut. Cool!




Clean and Spacious


A piece of Coconut Tree – Unique Table Number

Another thing that I love about this place is that they cook everything to order and the fact that they are open 24 hours, is a lot impressive. So, the moment you are done with your order, you can immediately see the action in their open kitchen. Yes! Their kitchen is open. 🙂

Hubby, as expected ordered their famous Fried Chicken. It’s Coco Hut’s core dish and everyone who loves fried chicken will surely like it. You can order by piece (PhP100-120) each depends on the chicken part). You can choose between Classic or The Hut Chicken – tossed in it’s special hot sauce. Both are served with pepper gravy that’s so addicting. 🙂

You may also have the Combination of 2 Chicken Parts (Thigh or Breast and Drumstick or Wings) paired with rice and pepper gravy for PhP195.


Oh so delicious Chicken. 🙂 

Try their Filipino Style Spaghetti and you will never be disappointed. It is sweet, cheesy, meaty and has perfectly al dente pasta.


Yummy Spaghetti. 🙂 

When in Coco Hut Chicken and Fish, never miss to try their famous drink – Tamarind Iced Tea. It is freshly brewed iced tea with a hint of tamarind.

They are open 24/7 and they serve delicious and affordable food. No wonder this new fast food chain will be a hit to the public in due time.


TriviaI am not 100% sure about the information I heard but they said that Coco Hut Chicken and Fish and Army Navy have the same owners that is why the decors are similar. It has been said that this is the Healthier Chain of Army Navy Group. 

My Verdict = RAVE

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