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Supplier Review – Minecraft Cupcakes

on August 26, 2016

A birthday is incomplete without a cake. Some people want a simple birthday cake, others want a personalized one; but for Aidan, he wanted a Cupcake tower comprised of Minecraft Character Faces.

We didn’t have a hard time looking for a supplier because my Mother in Law has a friend that bakes and sells cakes and cupcake.

Ate Lani, replied immediately to all my queries and her packages are budget-friendly. Perfect for a frugal Mom like me. Jollibee allows you to bring your own cake, but it should not be consumed inside the store. So, we decided to order 2 dozens of cupcakes; just enough to fit a 3-tier cupcake tower.

Look at the cupcakes… They’re so cute! And yes, they taste good too! They’re chocolate cupcakes, btw.

IMG_AIDAN_ALBUM (11) Aside from Creeper, Steve is Aidan’s favorite character.


I can still remember the look on Aidan’s face when he saw the cupcakes. He was so “kilig”. =)

Cupcake Tower

I made the bunting btw. One of my DIYs. =)


Feedback! Feedback! Feedback!

approve The 2 dozen cupcakes only cost me 900 bucks! And yes, the toppers are made of fondant.

approveAte Lani allowed us to borrow her Cupcake Tower for free.

approveThe Cupcakes were delivered to us without service charge. Although, she was also part of the guest list; since she’s a family friend.

approve Ate Lani did a great job with the Toppers. They’re so cure. Exactly what we requested.


Want a Personalized Cake for Birthdays and other Special Occasions? Check out Ate Lani’s Facebook Page  -> Sugar Party Cakes N’ Baked Goods


The Verdict = RAVE


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