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Breakfast Buffet at View Park Hotel

on November 23, 2015

Our stay at the View Park Hotel includes Complimentary Breakfast Buffet for 4.

Stubs were provided by the Front Desk personnel in the morning and the buffet is located at the Reception Area right beside the Pool. Breakfast starts at 7 in the morning.

The place is wide and is definitely a great place to have your wedding reception. Inside, it has a simple yet elegant chandelier in the middle, cream shade table covers and Tiffany chairs – so classy.



I am so fascinated with chandeliers! 

The first guy led our way to the table with the number 8 on it, and then was advised to transfer to the round table located at the right corner of the room. I think the tables are equivalent to the guests room number but for some reason, we were allowed to sit at a bigger table. 🙂

What’s in the buffet?

Your choice of Plain Rice or Fried Rice, Soup of the Day, Corned Beef, Scrambled Eggs, Pork Tocino, Fried Bangus, Pancakes, Loaf Bread & fresh fruits. And for the beverage, they have juice and coffee.



Panorama shot of the Entire Buffet Set up. 



Soup. =)



Full and happy =)

Special treat for the birthday Girl. =) Yum yum!


I can never speak too highly of their service from the Front desk to their Security personnel; you will never turn  a corner without getting a greeting or a warm smile. We definitely got the same treatment from their F and B staff.

To be objective though, there was enough variety in the Buffet table; not too many that you won’t be able to enjoy each one that they had to offer; and not too little, to make you want to ask for more. Although, I’ll have to admit, i was looking for better choices. For the bread, they could have probably added sweet breads and probably a better recipe for their Daing na Bangus. I guess I was expecting too much because of the great buffet experience at El Cielito Hotel (please see post).

All in all, View Park Hotel is still the best budget friendly hotel that you can stay at when in Tagaytay. The food may have left more to be desired, but again, that’s just my opinion. The place itself, the amenities and the Hospitality of the Staff made our Visit worth every peso that we paid.





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