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Great Birthday Memories at View Park Hotel

on November 22, 2015
I cannot remember how many birthdays I’ve spent in Tagaytay since my husband and I have been together. I love spending my birthdays in Tagaytay because on November, it’s much colder compared to other months – aside from December of course.

This year, I celebrated my 31st birthday in Tagaytay again. But, unlike my passed birthday celebrations, we had an overnight stay there for the first time.

Hubby planned for a weekend staycation in Tagaytay all by himself. He booked an overnight stay at the View Park Hotel. We had their Junior Suite room which can accommodate up to 4 adults.  The hotel is located on the western part of Tagaytay, just across Picnic Grove.

View Park Hotel has ranked as one of the most recommended hotels in Tagaytay and has consistently ranked in the top 10 for years now. Most reviews online raves on how friendly and accommodating the staff is.

At the reception area, we were greeted with full smiles and welcomed warmly by the staff. There was a big aquarium with little marine fishes located just beside the entrance. At the other side of the entrance, lays the mini fountain with Koi fishes.

Can you spot Nemo?


Ready for check in =)


Welcome drinks for the Guests upon Check in. 🙂

The guy on the frontdesk names Jess (not 100% if the name is correct) who also assisted my husband in booking the reservation over the phone assisted us upon check in. We were with my Father-in-law who is already a senior citizen and they gave us a discount even if the reservation is under my husband’s name. He also asked the reason why we are on vacation – my birthday of course 🙂

What I love about the hotel:
  • WiFi Access – I had to go online from time to time so I need a strong WiFi connection. Good to know that the hotel has I think, 5 WiFi spots; And the WiFi connection is so strong that you can be connected whichever area of the hotel you are in.
  • Rooms have bath tubs. I think only the expensive rooms have bath tubs.  We’re lucky that ours has.
  • Rooms are well lit, cozy, clean and have simple yet elegant fixtures.
  • We had a BIG room, enough for us 4. 🙂
  • Want a relaxing place to stay aside from staying inside the room? They have a wide garden for you to hang out or you can stay at the veranda near the pool.
  • They also have a SPA where you can have a massage.
  • Kudos for having friendly and talented staff. 🙂
  • Hotel location is near the places that most people visit when in Tagaytay. To name a few – Picnic Grove, Palace in the sky, Mahogany, etc.
  • They have 2 swimming pools (1 for the adults and 1 for kids). I tried to dip in the pool but I cannot stay longer because it was too cold; only a Polar Bear can bear it. hehe.
  • I was amazed at how  wide their parking area was; for such a small area.


Check out the room:

From Top left to right – 2 Big Beds (1 Matrimonial Bed and 1 Double Bed), Cable & DVD player, Chocolates and Chips (not for free), Bath Tub, Bath and Personal Hygiene Kit, Mini Fridge (Bottled waters are complimentary) & Sofa in the Mini Living Area.
 More pics 🙂
What I didn’t like in the Hotel:
  • They do have Hot and Cold shower but ours was not working properly.
  • The sink in the tub was busted.
  • The reservation comes with a complimentary buffet breakfast, but I was not that impressed with the food choices and how it was presented.  Taste is ok but they could have added more varieties into it.
During our breakfast, Kobe (AE/GSA) approached us and asked us if we need anything else. He made sure that we were ok with the food and our entire stay. I also noticed that they gave us the biggest round table in the corner. The tables have numbers equivalent to the guests room number.
Of course, they had a birthday surprise treat for me. 🙂
Thank you View Park Hotel for going the extra mile to make our stay extra special and truly unforgettable.
’till our next stay. 🙂

View Park Hotel
Sungay East, 3500 Tagaytay-Calamba Rd, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite
(02) 584 4090

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