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Exploring Kapitolyo – Raki’s BBQ Ribs

on November 10, 2015

One rainy afternoon, we went to Kapitolyo in Pasig for a late lunch. We always want to try out new restaurants so we decided to visit Raki’s BBQ Ribs to try their Famous Ribs.

It was our first time to go there so Hubby opted not to take Grab Car so we could familiarize ourselves with the place. So, from our place, we took a Jeep to Magallanes Station, took the MRT to Shaw then rode another jeep to Kapitolyo, Pasig. From there, we didn’t know which way to go hahaha. Good thing, there was a kind-hearted Security Guard who gave us directions. It was still a bit far from where we were, so we took a tricycle. Manong driver was so honest to return our money because we paid 28 pesos. We thought it was 14 pesos each. 🙂

When we arrived at Raki’s, we were the 1st in Line to wait for the next available table. The place is quite small that it has only 2 big tables for a group of 4 and I think 6 tables for 2.

For hubby and myself, we ordered their SUPER DUO. It’s good for 2 (Ribs + 2 Sides). For the sides, we had Spicy Rice.


For only PhP390.00, this meal is good for 2. =)

I’m really not a fan of BBQ Sauce so I can’t say that I liked it that much; but Hubby did. 🙂 The taste was so overwhelming – I think it would best be served with Plain Rice or Mashed Potato.

Aidan had his own meal already; and he had Smoked Pork Belly. It came with a cup of rice and Buttered Vegetables on the sides. Php200.

Yes! The Porkchop is big too! Only Php200.00. =)

Yes! The Pork belly is big too! Only Php200.00. =)

This dish was the best! The pork belly is juicy and tender; don’t forget that it’s big too. hehehe The Buttered Vegetables on the side is crispy and tastes really good.

The Super Kulit Coco wanted to try their House Blend Iced Tea. Unfortunately, they don’t offer it per glass. So we had to buy their pitcher good for 4. That’s for PhP120.00

Sorry, I don’t have the actual picture of the Iced Tea. It’s served in a Pitcher, not like the one in the picture in the menu.

Not the Actual Iced Tea they serve. Photo Taken from their Menu. =)

Not the Actual Iced Tea they serve. Photo Taken from their Menu. =)

Their Iced Tea tastes like Hubby’s Homemade Iced Tea.

We were full already but we have to try their famous dessert – Fried Oroes with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Fried Oroes With Vanilla Ice Cream on Top.

Fried Oroes With Vanilla Ice Cream on Top. Php180.00.

I wasa little disappoint with the Fried Oreos. I was thinking of something else hehehe. It tasted like kwek-kwek; and costs too much. 😦

Have a peek on what’s inside..


Overall, I like the food, but I don’t think I will order their Fried Oreos again. I would definitely go back for their Porkchop instead of their BBQ Ribs. =)



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