LIFE is a DANCE if you take the STEPS. This is my DANCE. The story of my LIFE.

Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

1st Milk Tooth Out. ☺☺☺

on October 26, 2015

It was September 09, at around 10 in the evening when Hubby and I received a text from Mama (Mother in Law) that Aidan’s first tooth finally came out. ☺ He was then instructed by Mamu to place his tooth under his pillow in exchange for a special gift (coins) from Tooth Fairy.

When Dada came home, he got the tooth and placed 4 5peso coins. ☺ The little one woke up with one tooth missing yet so happy to see the Tooth Fairy’s surprise!

Goodbye Milk Tooth

Goodbye Milk Tooth


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