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Coco’s 6th Birthday

on September 14, 2015

You may wonder why I call Aidan “Coco”? It’s Tyler’s (Aidan’s Cousin) new term of endearment for him. Coco means kuya in Chinese. Now, he prefers to be called Coco rather than Kuya.

Yes! It’s Aidan’s Birthday again! Our Little Munchkin is now 6! =)

We’re back to EK again as per Aidan’s request. I guess he will never get tired of Enchanted Kingdom. I feel lucky that I got a good deal when I bought El Cielito and EK’s Promo – PhP5290 (Overnight stay at an Executive Room for 4 persons with buffet breakfast, and Shuttle service from Hotel to EK and Vice Versa.

Just like last year, we went there with Mamu and Wowo. =)

Here we go!

And we’ve arrived!!!

The Receptionist at the Hotel already gave us our tickets so we headed straight to the Birthday Celebrants Booth for Aidan’s FREE ticket. The Birthday Celebrant can have 1 FREE ticket to EK 7 days before and after his/her birthday. One must provide a Photocopy of the Birth Certificate and  1 Valid Government ID (optional for kids).

Birthday Boy Waiting for his EK Ticket

                                         The Birthday Boy patiently waiting for his ticket. 🙂

Birthday Celebrants will have to wear a badge so EK Staff would know who to greet. =)

The Badge for the Celebrant

                                                       The Badge for the Birthday Celebrant.

One thing that Aidan loves about EK aside from the rides were the Mascots and Performers. So, he must pose for a picture with them. =)

with the new EK Mascotts

with the EK Mascotts 2

With the EK Mascots

                                                    He had to run fast to get to them hehehe

with the EK Performers

With the EK Performers. Aidan was the first person from the crowd who approached them for a picture taking. He’s such a fan of these performers. 🙂 

goofing around with Mamu and Wowo

                                        Riding the Ferris Wheel with Mamu and Wowo

View from the Ferris Wheel

                                                            Nice view of the Swan Lake from the Ferris Wheel.


                                                Shot courtesy from Mama. I so love this photo. 🙂

Stone Age Train

                                                                     Rock Ages. Train made of Rock.

Riding the plane all by himself for the first time

Happy Celebrant. It’s his first time to ride this plane all by himself. Can you imagine how nervous I was the whole time he was up there?

All aboard!

                       Fire!!! He asked Mamu to take a picture of him riding the canon. So cute! =)

Carousel at night

                                                                     The Carousel at Night =)

Play Area

                                        Play Area for Little Kids. He almost had it for himself only. =)

The pictures will be a golden proof that he was indeed happy on his 6th birthday. =) How time flies. It was 6 years ago when I first held him in my arms – so tiny and fragile. Now, he’s a big, bubbly and sweet boy. =)

Mommy and Dada loves you so much!!!


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