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New and improved Luk Yuen’s version of Halo Halo.

on August 26, 2015

Can’t decide if you want Halo-Halo or just a bowl of fruits for dessert? Then Luk Yuen’s Phing Phing Ten Tien (Chinese Halo-Halo) is a must try!

It’s pretty much the same with their old version of Halo-Halo but this one has fruits instead of the regular Halo Halo Ingredients.

The old version has silver fungus, white beans, red munggo beans, nata de coco, gelatin, ube, and pinipig rice.

The new and improved has lychees, pineapples, clear, black and red gelatin, red munggo beans, mangoes, and watermelons shaped into balls

Both has a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with cherry.


On the side, they provide an extra serving of evaporated milk and sweet syrup.

It has less shaved ice too. ☺☺☺

The old version is PhP148 while the new and improved version is cheaper of 10 bucks. ☺☺☺

So, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Try it to enjoy Halo Halo in a Healthier way. 🙂



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