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Ms. Polly’s Chocolate Cake

on August 26, 2015

Craving for Chocolate Cake?

Then you must try Ms. Polly’s Chocolate Cake.

On my son’s 6th birthday, we wanted something simple yet delicious for his birthday cake – aside from the fact that we don’t want to bring a big cake because we will be having a long hour drive to Sta. Rosa Laguna for a Staycation.

I searched online and found a lot of good reviews about this cake so I hurriedly searched for their number and asked my husband to call them.

They had several branches already but we wanted to order at their Magallanes Branch since its the closest and most convenient for us.

When my husband called their number it was for their branch in Merville; But he was told that their Magallanes branch is open 24 hours.

When we arrived Magallanes Shell Station we couldn’t find their store and even the guard seem unaware of what we were talking about. Good thing my husband checked inside Shell Select and he saw that there was a small Ms. Polly’s & Desserts Stall.

We ordered 1 8×8 Chocolate Cake. We wanted to put “Happy Birthday Aidan” on it but we were told that we need to reserve the cake and advise them 24 hours before pick up. We were not informed about it over the phone.

Nevertheless, we were still excited for the cake. The cake comes in a brown box tied with a red ribbon (the red ribbon was already removed).

And when we open the box, we saw Heaven!!!

Chocolate Overload!!! 8X8 Chocolate Ckae for PhP470.00

Take a bite. 🙂

Mouth watering chocolate icing inside and out!

As expected, the cake is spongy; It has 2 layers with a thick chocolate icing in the middle and it’s coated with oh so rich chocolate icing. The icing in between the layers are also thick. What I love with this cake is that it melts in your mouth and it is definitely a chocolate overload cake.
Ms. Polly’s Chocolate cake may look like a simple cake, but this is not a typical cake at all!
Polly’s Chocolate cake  is a multi- awarded dessert since 2005 – as awarded by Lifestyle Inquirer, Spot.Ph and Food Magazine.
For me, it’s definitely a heaven sent Chocolate Cake. 🙂
Presentation  – ****

Taste – *****

Customer Service – ****

Overall Score: 4.3

(The Verdict = RAVE)


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