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Breakfast Buffet at El Cielito Hotel

on August 25, 2015

The Promo Package that we bought for Aidans birthday celebration also includes breakfast for 4. We were 5 in the group, so we were supposed to get a Breakfast meal for AIdan that’s worth 150 instead of the 250 buffet. We went down their Restuarant at around 8am. Breakfast Buffet is only until 11am.

My in laws went down first and there were only 2 customers inside so we were able to get a good table at the corner.


It’s may look small but it has all the type of food you want or need for a breakfast. 🙂

Don’t feel like eating rice?


                                                       White Bread, Wheat Bread and Pandesal.


They bake their own bread. 🙂 These are also available for sale at their mini Pastry Stall at the Lobby.


                                              Biscotti. 🙂 Nice partner for a Hot Cup of coffee.

Want something healthier?


                                                                           Vegetable Salad =) 

And for the kids… 🙂


                                                                          Crereals! Crereals!

Fresh Milk is available in every table.

And for their Main Course…


                                                                       Mini Hotdogs and Fried Bai


Cheesy Spaghetti and French Toast with Maple Syrup


Egg Omelette and Chicken Adobo

Looking for desserts? They have them too!


                                                                                     Leche Flan


Argh!! This one is my favorite! I think I had 4 cups of this. 🙂 I forgot the name though. But it has crushed graham at the bottom, with whipped cream and pineapples topped with a slice of fresh Orange.


They have fresh fruits too of course!

Brewed coffee is also served (refillable too). I’m not a fan of brewed coffee; but theirs is the best that I have tasted so far. 🙂 They also have unlimited iced tea and juice (wasn’t able to take a picture of it).

I got surprised when they did not asked us to pay for Aidan’s food. I’m not sure if its because they knew that it was his Birthday celebration or if kids really eat for FREE. hehe!

We enjoyed the food and I’m eager to go back again for another staycation. 🙂 Thank you El Cielito Hotel for making my son’s 6th Birthday memorable. 🙂



One response to “Breakfast Buffet at El Cielito Hotel

  1. […] To be objective though, there was enough variety in the Buffet table; not too many that you won’t be able to enjoy each one that they had to offer; and not too little, to make you want to ask for more. Although, I’ll have to admit, i was looking for better choices. For the bread, they could have probably added sweet breads and probably a better recipe for their Daing na Bangus. I guess I was expecting too much because of the great buffet experience at El Cielito Hotel (please see post). […]

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