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Where to Eat in White Beach Puerto Galera

on March 17, 2015

White beach has a long stretch of food centers that you can chose from depending on your budget. Unfortunately, a big chunk of your vacation expenses would really go to your food because most hotels doesn’t have free breakfast nor would allow you to cook. When we first went to Puerto Galera, we rented a tricycle to bring us to their local market. But now, we decided to stay in White Beach only.

Note: I’m gonna rate each of them being 5 as the highest. 🙂

During our first day, we ate at the Food Trip sa Galera. RATE=3


They have a wide variety of silog meals to chose from. They serve unlimited rice but unfortunately, they don’t have service water. You have to buy bottled water that’s 20pesos for the smallest bottle and 50pesos for 1000ml. Early that afternoon, we looked for other restaurants by the beach were we can have dinner. A gay approached us and presented their menu.

Coffeetale Food Specialities: RATE=5


Coffeetale Food Specialties offers a wide variety or Filipino and International dishes that’s very affordable. For every dish you order, there’s 2 servings of rice included. Each dish is good for 2-3 persons depending on your appetite. They also serve water with ice. ☺ For FREE!!! Finally! A restaurant with service water. Hahahaha Another restaurant that I personally liked was the Marginors DINE and SNACK. RATE=5


They have set meals good for 3-5 persons. They have the cheapest silog meals and it comes with a glass of orange juice. I love their Bihon Canton for only P160pesos. We wanted to explore a little bit so we walked outside White Beach to look for other places to eat. And yes, we were able to find one called Lighthouse. I don’t see any difference on the price actually aside from the fact that they serve Tender Juicy hotdog and not the cheap ones you can buy in the market. RATE=4


Another thing is that there’s a small sari sari store at the corner of the street that ‘s much cheaper compared to the mini stores along White Beach. ☺


On our last night, we went to Terminal located at the end of the stretch of the beach. They serve they same exact meals that Food Trip serves but they have coffee on their breakfast meals. I really didn’t enjoyed their food and service because it was already late when we had dinner so they had limited food to offer. RATE=3


Here’s an additional TIP when travelling to White Beach Puerto Galera.

– Bring 3in1 coffee if you’re not ok to pay 10 pesos for a cup of coffee. Most of the restaurants don’t offer free coffee on their breakfast meals. You may ask for a cup of hot water instead and pour in your favorite 3in1 coffee. 🙂

– Bottled water is quiet expensive so I suggest to bring water that’s enough until you go back to Batangas Port.

That’s it! I hope this post will be very helpful to travelers going to White Beach Puerto Galera. Enjoy and have a nice trip!

Enjoy your vacation!


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