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Don’t just SAVE. INVEST!

on February 26, 2015

I have 2 questions for you…


My husband and I started to focus on wealth creation and financial independence when we had out first born. I wanted him to have a simple yet comfortable life… And I told myself that saving is not enough because of the yearly inflation. I have to look for a tool that would help my money grow bigger.

And for that, let me share this to you.

Let’s assume that you earn P15,000.00 a month @ age 29. Assuming that you are still single, and you get to save P77.00 per day.


Let’s assume that you get to save a total of P2010 per month. By the time you reach 36 years old, you will have P168,840.00. 

Now the question is how many piggy bank would you need for 36 years. 🙂 And did you beat the inflation rate? Let’s say it’s 3% every year. You think the value of your money will still be the same after 36 years?

 2.  BANK

Let’s still assume that you will set aside P77.00 per day for a monthly savings of P2010.00.

If you save your money in a savings account here’s the most updated Interest Rate from


And here’s the Interest for a Time Deposit

time deposit

Assuming that you have a total of P24,120 savings in a year with the Interest your money will gain from P603-P3000 per year.

According to, the Inflation rate in the Philippines was recorded at 2.40 as of January 2015.

Now, with the interest of .0250-1.25% when saving your money in a bank, you think you beat the inflation?

3. 29 year old Male bought P500,000.00 + P500,000.00 Accidental Death Benefit VUL (Variable Universal Life) with benefits @ Sun Life Financial. 

According to historical data from Sun Life, the average annual compounded return from 2005-2014 for Peso Equity is 15.28%.

Let’s just assume that the interest will range from 4%, 8% and 10%. Sample Illustration below:

***The savings can be withdrawn anytime as the need arises

vul sample

***Financial Security that your family can get if anything happens to you

vul death benefit

Now, do you still want to save? Or INVEST? You decide. 🙂


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