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Aidan’s KUMON Experience. :)

on February 26, 2015

I’m sure almost all parents even those who are not yet parents already heard about Kumon. I’d been wanting to enroll my son here and I thought that this could be the best time for him to start. He’ll be in Preschool next School year and I want him to have good study habits. Let me start by telling you what KUMON is. 🙂

It was founded in Japan in 1958. It is an after-school enrichment program that focuses in Math and Reading. They claim that Kumon can help your child:

  1. Cultivate Self Motivation
  2. Increase Confidence
  3. Strengthen Communication
  4. Develop Critical thinking and analytical skills
  5. Build problem solving skills

There are a lot of Kumon branches all over the Philippines and I was so happy that I found one close to our place. We went to visit their center last January 27. Aidan then took an assessment exam to check his level. We wanted to enroll him for Reading first. After the assessment we were told that we have to wait for their text for the Parent’s Orientation. The Head Teacher also talked to me personally and advised me that we as his parents has a big responsibility for my child’s education. She told us that we need only 30 minutes everyday to teach him his lessons and to instill good study habits.

Last week, I received a text message from the School Head that they have a 2 weeks Free Session. I was so excited and confirmed our schedule. 🙂

Last February 18 was his first day. We arrived around 10:20am and as we entered the center, the Head Teacher approached my son and asked him to go with her. I was then asked to stay and wait inside the Parent’s waiting area.


He’s as excited as me 🙂



Zombie daw siya hehe



I was amazed that Aidan didn’t had a hard time adjusting to her new teachers. 🙂 The session lasted for 45 minutes. They have a daily assignment and the teacher gave me instructions. This is where the parent part comes in.


Yes! At least they have a descent area where parents can stay while waiting for the kidos. 🙂


I noticed that that all activities have samples at the bottom part for the child to understand the instructions. Each activity is also timed from the start until he’s done.


Aidan showed me the stickers his teacher gave him after the session. =)


As a reward from mommy, we headed to ministop for an ice cream treat before we went home.




We have 1 more free trial from Kumon and I’m still doing research If this is really good for my son. 🙂 It’s the first time I tried this kind of Learning and I am still considering other methods aside from Kumon. I still can’t figure out if private one on one tutorial is still better than Kumon.

Any thoughts? 🙂


2 responses to “Aidan’s KUMON Experience. :)

  1. Kit Kat says:

    Wow! Hello Aidan! 🙂 Si Tita Kat ito 🙂
    Sis, ako alam mo ba I plan to home school Milly pag preschool na, then saka na sa traditional kapag Grade 1 na 🙂

  2. Hello sis.. hehe ok naman djn homeschool mo si milly. basta yhng lilipatan lang na school is tatanggap ng galing Homeschool ang bata. I suggest pag nursery lang pero pag kinder and preschool e sa school na talaga. Baka mabigla si milly pag grade 1 niya haha

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