LIFE is a DANCE if you take the STEPS. This is my DANCE. The story of my LIFE.

Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

My Goals for 2015

on January 28, 2015

DREAMS become reality when they become GOALS. 

A GOAL without a plan is just a WISH. 

Those 2 phrases are simple yet true. I used to dream of having my own house, but It never came true. Because it was never part of my goals.

Last year, it was a leap of faith when we (my husband and I) ventured into something new. Something that we never thought could change our lives forever. I was able to meet people who taught me how to set clear goals – envision and plan for it to happen. I was even thought to cut out pictures of my specific dreams, hang it somewhere I can see everyday to remind me that I work and live to achieve it.

This 2015, I have goals I want to set, envision and plan to achieve.

1. I want to have my own car.


I don’t know anything about car. So any brand and color would do. 🙂 My timeline for this is until June 2015. 🙂

2. Instill a good study habits to Aidan and teach him how to read and write. Aidan already knows how to write the alphabet but still needs assistance in writing words especially his complete name. I started teaching him the letter sounds and  hopefully before the next school year, he’ll be able to learn how to read. I work at night and I do the household chores during the day so It’s quite a challenge for me to juggle my responsibilities. But I know I can do it! 🙂

3. Invest my own money in stocks. Yes – my OWN. 🙂 I have this bank account I opened when I had my first job. I still put money there from time to time but I rarely use it. This year, I took some courage to tell my husband that I am willing to use the money in my bank account to buy stocks.

4. Help those who are less fortunate. I used to look for Organizations where I can donate money or some goods. But I realized that for sure, there are already a lot of people who are helping them. Those homeless little Kids, begging for food in the streets everyday – they need our help. People from the Government doesnt seem to care about them. And I thought, giving them something to eat would make them happy. I believe that for every blessing we receive, it’s our duty to share it and help other people.

I only have 4 Goals for 2015 and I will really work hard to be able to achieve them. 🙂


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