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2014 Recap. A blast from my last years’ adventures!

on January 22, 2015

My apologies for the late post. Been very busy with everything lately; but I can’t stop the habit of posting my year-end recap every year. So here you go… enjoy reading my 2014 adventures 🙂


We started the year with a lot of ups and downs. Aidan got sick and when we went to his Pedia we were told to get a second opinion from a Pedia Cardiologist because she’s hearing murmur on Aidan’s heart. Yet God was so good because we were told that it’s not something serious and it’s normal.

Papa was hospitalized again and his left foot was amputated due to Diabetes complications. I had to rush home to be with him physically and emotionally. Thank God Papa was so brave and recovered very fast after the operation. I am also thankful that ADP allowed me to take a leave even If I’m not yet regularized.


I had my first wedding client for 2014.

  • Finally we were able to find a new home, but we can’t move in yet until April.
  • It’s Neneng’s first Prom. 🙂 Sad that I wasn’t there to do her Makeup. I sent her a dress instead for the Prom Night.


  • It’s our 5th Wedding Anniversary.
  • March 9- 5th Wedding Anniversary. We attended a mass and we brought Aidan to the Park in our Village to play. It’s just a simple Sunday with the Family. 🙂
  • March 9 – Aside from our Wedding Anniversary, it’s also my regularization in ADP. Time flies so fast.
  • Aidan graduated from Nursery. I’m such a proud Mom.
  • Toto (our youngest) graduated in Elementary.
  • March 19- For the first time and hopefully this wont happen again… naputukan ako ng pressure cooker and I had 2nd degree burn on my left hand.
  • It’s Aidan’s first time to watch a movie in a theater. We watched Captain America and he liked it. 🙂


  • Things are getting better. We finally moved to our Condo last April 16, 2014. We can really feel now that we are a family. We started buying our own household stuff. 🙂 At least now, we have something we can call our own.
  • New school for Aidan too. 🙂 I’m so thankful that he didn’t had a hard time coping with the changes.



  • Mothers Day celebration –The 3 of us watched Spiderman Movie.
  • We had to let go of our yaya who had been with us for more than a year because we realized na sinasaktan niya si Aidan. I felt bad that I cant protect my son inside my own house. It felt more bad that I can’t hurt the person because I don’t want her to take revenge over Aidan. So we decided to just let go of her and helped Aidan overcome what happened.
  • Dada’s 31st Birthday on May 25. We went to Nasugbo Batangas (BernaBeach Hotel) From May 21-23. It was a short vacation but we all had fun.



  • June 9 – Aidan’s first day at his new school.
  • I’m so happy because I was able to go home to Iloilo and spent papa’s 70th birthday. I was not there on the exact day of his Birthday because of work but we were able to celebrate it with the whole family before I left back to Manila.
  • June 19 – Papa finally had his Prosthetic leg. It’s gonna be another challenge for the old man to get used to his Prosthetic Leg.



  • Nothing really special happened this Month. 🙂


  • Aidan’s 5th Birthday. I organized a mini party at school. Its just pretty plain and simple.
  • We brought Aidan to Enchanted Kingdom for the first time. The Birthday boy was so happy. 🙂
  • August 11-12 I was given a chance by the company to attend the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Training. This training changed my life so much. It helped me become a person person and to understand other people more.
  • Janten’s wedding. I wasn’t able to go home but I am so happy for her and Delmar. 🙂
  • Ausgust 30 – finally we were able to attend the Sunlife BOF and was interviewed by 2 Managers to be part of Sunlife as a Financial Advisor.



  • Received an award as Top Performer for Q3 from ADP Canada.
  • We finally had out training with Sunlife and we paased the training both Traditional and  VUL.




  • October 21 – Finally!!! After days of hard work… we’re now a licensed Financial Advisors.
  • October 17 – Aidan’s first time to attend United Nations Day at School.
  • October 29 – Contract Signing with Sunlife Phils.
  • We had out first client with Sun Life – Nate. 🙂
  • I was moved to teampay as one of the first Batch of Teampay Live.




  • Mike and I are finally Coded as Associate Financial Advisors of Sun Life Phils.
  • My 30th Birthday 🙂
  • So proud and happy to be part of the Sunlife fast Trackers. We attended the event at Esplanade on November 07 and I learned a lot from the Speakers.
  • Novermber 23 – I may not have the answers to my questions, but at least this helped me decide to stop and let go.
  • November 29 – Thanksgiving Lunch with Queen Isabella Team.



  • December 07 – First time I attended ADP’s Grand Ball and received my first ever Grand Award from ADP Phils. Top Performer for the entire ADP Canada. Woohoo!!! Would have been better If they gave me Ipad Air rather than Cash. 😛 Yet, I’m still thankful for it. Still a blessing I need to be thankful for.
  • December 15 – First Sunlife Empress Branch Christmas Party at Heritage Manila.
  • More blessings are coming and I am so thankful for all the blessings.
  • Christmas Day!!! Had a heavy heart when Aidan and Mike dropped me to the office the night of December 24. Still I’m thankful for the long weekend on Dec 25-28.
  • Spend Christmas Day with Family in Cavite. It’s a little different now because Mama was in Singapore with my sister in law and her family. We went out to have lunch at North Park Macapagal and bought my first ever Samsung Galaxy Tab S. 🙂 Christmas gift from my forever sweet and thoughtful sister and my ever loving husband. 🙂


So, there! I had a blast last year and I’m so thankful for all the blessings God gave me and my family. It was indeed a memorable year for me. 🙂


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