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Petra and Pepita (A Rant from an Unhappy Client)

on December 30, 2014

For the first time, I decided to spend some money for my hair. I only go to a Salon to have a haircut or  a hot oil. I can say that I am blessed to have a straight and bouncy hair,  but because I had it bleached during our Cheerdance Competition, I had no choice but to have a treatment for the very first time just to save my hair from damage. I don’t want to cut it short again and wait for it to grow back. My sister also encouraged me to fix the color of my hair so I would look more professional. So, since it’s Christmas, I decided to give my hair some treat. I went to Petra and Pepita Salon in their Libertad Pasay Branch. A colleague of mine told me that they offer good service at an affordable price. I arrived at the Salon at around 12:30PM. The stylist named Christian assisted me and told me that since my hair is slightly damaged due to bleaching, it’s best that I’ll color my hair first and then have a Keratin Brazillian Blowout. He also offered that Matte Blonde hair color  best suits me which I also liked. I noticed that he was not yet done with another customer when he asked me to seat down and started applying the hair color. And then when another customer arrived, he asked me to move to another seat and serviced another customer. I guess it’s normal since they have a lot of customers that day and I don’t really mind transferring to another seat and wait for my hair to absorb the hair dye. After an hour , he started applying another coat on my roots and I noticed that after 5 minutes he asked another staff to rinse my hair and then he applied the treatment.  It took him a while before he continued the procedure. I am starting to get annoyed because he is doing my hair yet he was also assisting another customer who’s also seated beside me. At 4:00PM he blow dry my hair and it was the most excruciating experience I felt during the entire procedure. It’s so hot and painful to my scalp that I wanted to run and stop the process. I guess it’s normal for that kind of treatment but I’m just not used to it. 😦 At 5:00PM we were finally done. Imagine I had to go to work after that. I wasn’t able to go to sleep before going to work because it took him 5 hours to finish the treatment. When I arrived home, I noticed that the color of my hair is not even. My natural hair from the roots is dark brown and not Matte Blonde. It’s so obvious that when my sister saw it, she thought that I was the one who colored my hair. 😦

See how uneven my hair color is :(

See how uneven my hair color is 😦

The next day I returned to the Salon to have it fixed. The stylist told me that I need to go back after I have washed my hair. I will wash my hair on January 1 so I told him that I’ll go back either on Saturday or Sunday and he okd. I also asked him what will happen to my hair. I’m more concerned because they have to color it again to make it even and I just have it treated. He said that he will just apply Keratin treatment on it after applying the hair color. This is so frustrating and I felt traumatized with what happened. This is gonna be the first and the last time that I’ll go to a salon for a hair treatment or even a hair color. I am really expecting and I think that they should not charge me for fixing my hair. Especially that it’s their fault. So, my overall verdict, for the bad service and the hassle they have caused me…. 2 out of 5.  RANT!!! I really hope this will be fixed before I go back to work next week.


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