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The Munchkin’s FIrst Dental Trip

on November 6, 2014

Most Doctors say that by their first birthday, tots should see a dentist for their first dental check up. However, Aidan was so scared and I thought he wasn’t ready yet.

Now, that he’s 5, we decided to have his first dental check up. Luckily, Aidan still has no tooth decay. I make sure that he brushes and flosses his teeth every after meal. His Dada also doesn’t allow him to eat hard candies like lollipops to avoid tooth decay.

It’s also a good time to go the dentist because we now live in Makati and going to the dentist is not that hassle anymore.

Because it’s Aidan’s first time and we dont want him to be scared with Dentists, we made sure that it will be a fun experience for him.

We went to Dental Hub Specialty Clinic in Arnaiz Makati because it’s just one ride from home and it’s near the malls. I havent found reviews or feedback about the clinic but when I talked to the receptionist, I had a good feeling that it’s the right place to go.

We reserved the first slot for Saturday. The place is kid friendly. Small strawberry liked seats were there for the little kids and there’s a small tv that can entertain kids while waiting for their turn.

I had a scheduled dental appointment that day as well so It was Dada who assisted the Dentist when it was Aidan’s turn.

As what the receptionist told me, the procedures will depend if the child will cooperate. They never force a child that is not yet ready for a dental procedure.

I heard Aidan crying when he went inside. But as per Hubby, the guy dentist was so nice and was able to calm him down. He decided to clean Aidan’s teeth using the small brush with a strawberry flavored toothpaste. He allowed Aidan to sit on Hubby’s lap while doing the procedure. After that, he applied the flouride treatment.

After the procedure, the dentist gave a small token to Aidan as a reward. 🙂

The kid is happy; and so Mommy and Daddy too. =)


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