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Do your Grocery shopping – WISELY!

on July 3, 2014

These days,it’s getting hard to maintain your budget for your groceries because prices are going up. But this doesn’t mean that we will just wait for the market to lower down the prices. We, as a buyer should do our own way to cut down our expenses and make sure that our hard earned money are used wisely. 🙂 Most of us enjoy going to the supermarket that most of the time, we end up buying a lot of unnecessary things. It’s time to control down our spending habits. 

Below are the tried and tested tips that may help you trim down your grocery expenses. 🙂


  • CREATE AN INVENTORY – Always make it a habit to check your stocks before heading the grocery. Make sure to check your fridge or your stash on what needs to be replenished. Knowing exactly what you need will prevent you from overbuying. Remember, perished goods are money wasted. 

Always check and take note of what needs to be replenished.


  • GROCERY LIST – List down all the things that you need to buy. It will help you much better if you group it based on what type of items are they ex(milk, baby shampoo,toothpaste for kids,etc). Remember – DO NOT BUY THINGS THAT ARE NOT ON THE LIST. 

This is really a MUST before heading to the grocery.



  • LOOK FOR SALES AND SPECIAL OFFERS – Most supermarket offers discounts and special offers. Take advantage of it but make sure that you don’t overlook the quality.





  • BUY STUFF IN BULK – Buying things in bulk will save you money. I suggest to buy the ones that are not perishable (toiletries, detergents, toothpaste,etc). You may also buy stuff in big sizes. I assure you, it’s a big savings. 🙂 





  • AVAIL THE MEMBERSHIP CARDS – Most, if not all membership cards have freebies so take advantage of it. Ask your favorite Supermarket on how to avail it. 🙂







  • DON’T BE SHY TO BUY THE STORE BRANDS – Surprisingly, these cheap store brand items will help you with your budget but won’t disappoint you. 

It’s still a must to check the information at the back of each product especially the Expiration Date.


There you go… Happy Shopping. 🙂 


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