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Lunch with The Rolling Stones

on June 17, 2014

Who would ever thought that there are a lot of Food Hubs to explore in Taft Avenue that offers affordable yet delectable food choices.

Last March 29, 2014, Hubby and I went to Exile on Main St. Restaurant located in Taft Avenue.

From Cash and Carry, we decided to take a cab since we are both not familiar with the place. We had a hard time finding the place at first because the cab driver is not familiar with the restaurant too.

We went in a small garage and found a restaurant that looks like an ordinary small house.

Camera 360

Take a look what’s inside:

Camera 360


Camera 360

You’ll see old/recycled stuff inside

Camera 360

Upside down


And now let’s proceed to the most exciting part.


One of their best seller is the Chicks-Shall-Fly. We chose their Escape  to China. It has a mix of savory soy sauce, honey and it’s slightly spicy.

Camera 360

6pcs wings with rice for only PhP125

I love the combination of honey and soy sauce with a little bit of spiciness. 2 people can actually share in 1 serving. This is definitely their best seller. =)

Hubby on the other side, ordered the Baboy O’Riley with rice.

Camera 360

PhP130 only. =)

Camera 360

As per Hubby it’s just a normal Pork-Chop. Nothing really special. It’s kinda dry also. But with the price, it’s reasonable enough.

For the drinks, we had:

Camera 360

Calamansi Iced Tea

Camera 360

Strawberry Iced Tea


Both are PhP35 per glass or PhP75 for Bottomless. Don’t expect too much from their drinks. It’s just a normal iced tea from sachet.

We want something sweet after a sumptuous meal, so for the Dessert we had No-Eggs-were-harmed Choco Banana Bread.

Camera 360

PhP40 only. =)

I love the texture of the bread. We were supposed to add 1 scoop of ice cream on top but there’s no available ice cream that time.

Value for money = 9

Taste = 8

Serving Size  = 8

Location = 8

The Verdict = RAVE

Exile on Main St. is located right across the back entrance of Burgundy Transpacific Place. Or you may also contact them for the directions depending where you will be coming from:

Exile on Main St. Restaurant and Bar

#2428 Leon Guinto St. Brgy. 727, Malate, Manila
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm




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