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The Little Man Goes To Kinder School

on June 14, 2014

When we moved to Makati this summer, we had a hard time looking for a new school for our Aidan.  It’s either  too far from our place, the tuition fee is so high, the school is not DEPed Accredited,etc. Good thing a co-worker of mine who lives near San Idelfonso told me that there is a Preschool in San Idelfonso Church.

And so last April 21 we went back there to enroll Aidan. What we love about the school?

  • It’s safe for my kid. The school is located on the 2nd floor of the Church’s office. It’s has grill doors and kids are not allowed to go out unless someone will fetch them with the fetchers card.
  • It’s a Catholic School.
  • Tuition fee is quite reasonable.
  • Rooms are air-conditioned and is not crowded.
  • One part of the 2nd floor is their playground. It’s huge, secure and well ventilated.
  • They have a lot of School activities that will help Aidan gain his confidence.
  • They advised all parents to leave a small personal kit with Powder, Hand Sanitizer and Cologne.

What I don’t like about the school

  • We don’t know If his teacher is new but she seldom smiles and doesn’t know how to interact with the parents. I don’t even know If  she’s good with kids.
  • They have a school diary but they haven’t used it yet. I know that June 12 is Independence Day and it was already announced during the 1st day of school to parents that there will be no classes. But they should still note it in the Diary. Not all parents were there on the first day of school for sure. Especially the working parents.
  • Aidan was a  new student but I don’t see any effort that she is helping Aidan adjust with the new environment and his new classmates.
  • During the enrollment, we were not informed that Aidan needs a laminated name tag. We only knew it last Monday. Of course we don’t have time to print it and have it laminated because we are both busy.
  • Same thing with the Fetchers Card. They should have laminated it already. Or should have given to us during the enrollment so by the opening of classes, all of Aidan’s stuff are all ready.
  • For kinder, they are 18 in the class but there’s only 1 teacher. I can’t figure out how the teacher can manage 18 students.

June 09 was their first day of school and Aidan was so excited for it. He’s a bit nervous and clingy because he’s new and he doesn’t know his classmates and teachers yet. I feel sorry that Aidan had to feel it. I really hope that he will adjust to his new school real soon.


His School Bag and requirements. I can’t believe that a Kindergarten student has 8 Books.


So ready for School.


It’s my son’s 1st week at school so I can’t really tell yet If the school is good or not. Frustrations always happen on 1st week of school. Let’s see on the succeeding school days If I had the right choice or not…



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