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Summer Escapade at Villa Jhoanna Resort

on June 9, 2014

At last, we were able to push through with the ADP Canada Wave 1B Outing. It’s almost summer so I decided to bring Aidan and Dada along with me. We all agreed to go to Villa Jhoanna Resort located in Binagonan Rizal. We went there last March 1, so it was also our pre-Wedding Anniversary Celebration. =)

We arrived at around 11am already. To go there, you can either take a bus going to Megamall or MRT Shaw Boulevard Station. Then, you can take a van/fx from the left side of Megamall old supermarket (facing Edsa). Fare is just 40 per person. You can ask the driver to drop you at Baliwag Angono Rizal. You will never get lost because it’s the only Baliwag Branch in Angono. From there walk inside the street and when you reach the first corner, you’ll see the big since on the gate Villa Jhoana Resort.

The Mansion

Villa Jhoanna Resort is actually a Mansion converted to a resort open to Public. They’re open as early as 7am when you only want to use the pool and rent a tent. But If you’re going to get a room, check in starts at 2pm. They already rented a tent when we arrived so we decided to stay with them first. We booked their Deluxe C room (Their cheapest but for me, one of their nicest room).

Deluxe C: Php 1,800.00

Good for 2 persons
1 Queen bed
Cable TV/Flat Screen Cable TV
Air condition
Bath Tub (The Bathroom is a separate room just beside the Bedroom.)
Hot and Cold Water
Wi-Fi Zone ( You need to ask for the password at the FD Staff)
Breakfast is not included


Left=Deluxe C Room RIGHT=Bathroom

The Door to the Room and Bathroom are covered with Cloth.

Take a Peak Inside…

From The Top Left – The Bed, The Mini Ref, Flat Screen TV, and a nice Wall Painting.

It’s around 1:30 and Aidan was already tired. We went to the FD to check If it’s possible for us to check in already. No one was in the room that time and it’s already ready for check in. But for some reason, the FD told us that it’s not possible to check in before 2pm. We asked her why since other hotels even 5 star hotels will let you  check in early for no additional charge if the room is already empty and ready for check in, 

It seems like the FD staff doesn’t know what she’s saying. Or she doesn’t know how to answer my questions. She had to call her boss/the owner to check if it’s possible. It got me pissed. 😦 

After a few minutes we were told that we can go ahead and check in. Crap. It’s 1 minute before our Check in Time. Aidan’s super tired already. 

Good thing, the room is nice. =) The Bathroom is on a separate room located just outside the Bedroom. You will have your own key for it. The room is huge but the bathtub is not working. =(  We didn’t bother to complaint and have them fixed it since we were only staying there for 1 night and the room is super cheap. But then, they should not be posting false advertisement. 

Nuff said about the negative stuff. Let’s have a quick tour inside the Mansion. One thing I liked about the resort is their interior. Since it’s a Mansion, it has a huge staircase and there were 5 large aquariums with small and big fishes on it. 

One is in the dining area, the 2 were in the big halll, one in the sala and the other one is inside the FD. We were not able to take a picture of it. 

Look how cute these fishes are. 🙂 Can you remember where you’ve seen them? Yes, from Finding Nemo. =)

I don’t know why but I really love Chandeliers. 

The pools were small but we get to enjoy it because there were no other guests that Sunday Morning. It was so relaxing and Aidan enjoyed the water. 

Dada’s enjoying the mini Falls. =)

He’s enjoying the summer in a different way. Dancing around the pool. hahaha

One thing that I also love about the place is it’s very relaxing. They have different shapes of Hamok that you can relax on or take a short nap.

He’s dreaming…

Overall experience was ok. I love the rooms but it’s expensive because the pools are not that big. The resort staff were nice aside from the Lady from the FD.  You don’t need to worry on what to eat because you can bring food without corkage fee. You can also cook your food there. There are a lot of convenient stores outside the resort in case you need to buy something.  

Overall Rating = 7 out of 10
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5 responses to “Summer Escapade at Villa Jhoanna Resort

  1. BrainRays says:

    Is the entrance for the swimming pool free when you checked in in one of their rooms? And how many pools are there? Thanks.

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