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5th Wedding Anniversary Lunch @ Wai Ying

on March 22, 2014

Hubby and I love to munch on anything especially Chinese Food. Every Wedding Anniversary we go out of town to celebrate. This time, since we already went to out of town last week, we decided to just go out on a lunch date for a change. 🙂

After our Friday shift, I went to our Cheercamp first. Hubby decided to take a nap while waiting for me.

After the Cheercamp, we went to Wai Ying in their newest branch near La Salle Taft for lunch.

Photo grabbed from Google.

We read a lot of good feedback about the restaurant. We were so excited to try their dimsum. We were lucky to find an empty table the moment we stepped in the restaurant. Most of the people inside were Chinese students from La Salle and St. Benilde I guess.

We were both hungry that time; so despite the fact that I’m on less carb diet because of the upcoming Cheerdance, that day was a cheat day. =)

We both ordered their Chicken with rice. It was so tasty and the chicken is so tender.

Asado/White Chicken Rice PhP155

Asado/Soy Chicken Rice PhP155

Now let’s go to Dimsum. =) We’re both a fan of Siomai and to my surprise, at a price of PhP70; their siomai was one of the best I tasted. =)

Siomai 4pcs PhP70

And above all, their hakaw is the winner. Hakaw is normally 100 plus in other Chinese Restaurants. But here, it’s only PhP75.

Hakaw PhP75
Inside, it has 3 meduim sized shrimps and some ginger bits. It tastes so good especially with their famous Chili Oil. =)

The famous Chili Sauce of Wai Ying.

You can also buy a bottle of Chili Sauce for only PhP130. They also have some frozen Food for sale like Dumplings,Wanton, Siomai, Chicken feet and Spareribs. Unfortunately, when we ordered for some Frozen Siomai, we were told that they don’t have it available. I need to request for it first and will pick it up the next day. So we opted not to buy. 

We also heard a lot of good reviews about their HK Milk Tea  and Hubby didn’t want to miss it. He had Milk tea and I ordered the Almond Jelly.

Both PhP55 each

Overall, we had a great experience at Wai Ying. Trully a prefect way to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Other people might find it simple and ordinary. But for a couple who loves Chinese Food, it’s something special and extra ordinary. =)

Rave or Rant = RAVE!

You may also visit their Main Branch in binondo:

Wai Ying Benavidez St. Sta. Cruz, Manila


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