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YEAR-END – Highlights of my 2013

on January 3, 2014

There are a lot of things to be thankful for last 2013. It was not a perfect year for me and my Family. We experienced a lot of heartaches, difficulties and pains. But we still managed to be happy and to be thankful that despite of all the challenges that we’ve been through, we are still one happy family. I was able to spend more time with my family, yet my dad was rushed to the hospital the night before I had to go back to Manila. It was a tough decision to go back because of my father’s condition; but God was so good because nothing bad happened to my Dad. My son’s yaya left us with debt and it took us over 4 months before finding a new one. Still, we are thankful that we surpassed the challenges.

Nonetheless, here are some of the highlights of my 2013.

Jan 05 – Gelo’s First Birthday. Gelo and his parents (Nonoy and Angel) went back to Iloilo so we were not with him when he celebrated his 1st birthday. Still, Potente Family is so happy and wished him a Happy Birthday.

Jan 07 – Dada decided to switch careers and moved to ADP. Today is his 1st day of training. =)

Jan 11 – Makeup 102 Certification. The team went to Belle and Cat Studio for our 1on1 Makeup Class.

Jan 21 – Who would have thought that I’ll be with APS for 5 years. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wohooo! Excited for the 5year watch.

Mar 09 – 4th Wedding Anniversary. =) Dada, Aidan and I spent the weekend in La Traviesa Resort. =)

Apr 01 – It’s been an agony for us since my yaya left. Good thing I was still with APS that time and my schedule is flexible. But taking care of a 3 year old toddler after a 9 hours shift is really tiring. We looked for a replacement but we had a hard time. I don’t really understand why. So I asked my superior if I can take a month leave from work so I could go home to Iloilo and look for a nanny myself. Thankfully, I waas allowed. So, I went home to Iloilo with Aidan. It was my longest vacation since I started work.

Home Improvement Done – I am so happy that I was able to fulfill one of my promise for my family. I was able to had our rooms painted. And I had a general cleaning of the entire house. I assure you, it’s really a challenge to clean our entire house in Iloilo. Haha!

Nanay’s Eye Examination – It was actually planned 5 years ago; ย but Nanay was so scared to go to the Ophthalmologist. Back in 2007, during my first 3 months in APS, I received a bonus. I gave half of it for Nanay’s Eye Scrape Procedure. Finally, after 5 long years, I was able to convince my Mom to have her eye checked and at last the procedure was done. =)

Apr 22 – Swimming with kids. Enjoying the summer with the kids. =)

May 04-25 – Makeup Pro Certification. This is my most awaited makeup course. Finally, I am certified to do makeup for weddings, commercials, photo shoots,etc. I know that anyone can call themselves a makeup artist because they’ve watched YouTube or they just love to put on makeup. But education is still the key to success. And of course, to succeed in your craft, you need to practice, practice and practice. =)

May 16 – God has answered our prayers. ๐Ÿ™‚ After 4 months of searching for yaya, I was able to find one. I am really thankful for that as she was really a big help to us. ๐Ÿ™‚

May 25 – Dada’s Birthday. It was just a simple celebration. But this is something to be thankful for.

May 27 – Aidan’s Summer Class. It’s Aidan’s first time to go to school and the Mama is so excited. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good thing they have this 2 week free summer class for the kids to get along with their classmates and teachers; And for the kids to get used to going to school before the proper School year starts.

June 3 – I finally decided to leave APS. I applied to ADP and had my first interview. =)

June 17 – First day of school. So excited for our Little Munchkin. =)

June 22 – Contract signed for a big wedding on 2014. =)

June 24 – Papa’s 69th Birthday. Every year, when Papa celebrates his birthday, it’s a memorable day for us. We are always thankful to God for giving Papa another year. My dad, has been fighting with Diabetes and a lot of complications caused by Diabetes, so we are always happy during his birthday.

July 28 – Aidan has Chicken Pox. Why am I still thankful of this? It’s because Aidan just had his 1st Varicella shot last March. His Pedia said that even if he gets 2 vaccine shots, he will still be not 100% safe for that said virus. Since Aidan got the Chicken Pox at a young age, it was small and there were a few blisters only. Aidan is 100% immune to the virus now. And he was already fine a few days before his birthday. =) So we were still able to celebrate his birthday at school. Plus, I didn’t need to spend another 2k for the vaccine. =)

Aug 01 – What a way to start the month! JO with ADP. =) And it’s Wave 1 SBS Canada. =)

Aug 08 – Aidan’s 4th birthday. It was his first time to celebrate his birthday at school. The theme? Bad Piggies! =)

Aug 09 – The day after Aidan’s birthday, we went to Watercamp with the whole family to celebrate Aidan’s Birthday.

Aug 18 – I became part of the Ms World Philippines 2013. Thanks to V. Mendez for a one of a kind experience.

Aug 26 – Finally… Charmel is signing off. My last day at APS.

Sept 09 – 1st day of training at ADP.

Oct 05 – My friendโ€™s wedding. =) I did her Makeup on her wedding day. It was such an honor to do my friends Makeup for her wedding.

Nov 09 – My Birthday! Thank you God for another year. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nov 19 – Nuvali experience with Family. =) It’s our first time to go there; so it was a memorable experience for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dec 14 – Hairstyling Course Certification. Finally, I was able to attend our Hairstyling Course. Yet, I still need more practice as Hairstyling is really not for me. =)

Dec 25 – Christmas Day. I am so thankful because we don’t have to work during US and Canada Holidays. So, since I work under Canada, I have no work on December 25-26. Yihee! More time with Family. =)

I wish this 2014 will bring me more blessings. ๐Ÿ™‚


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