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Summer is not yet over! (Aidan’s 4th Birthday Celebration)

on October 19, 2013
Yes! We’re back. =) The first time we visited Watercamp was during our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Aidan was just 7 months old that time so we had to leave him at home with his yaya. The Watercamp Resort was still small during that time. They only had the Lazy River, Interactive Kiddie Pool, adult pool and 3ft pool with 2 slides. 

I heard that they opened up 2 new pools (Wave Pool and Wide Pool with Mini Slides) as their new attractions. So, I decided to bring Aidan here on his birthday. 
We had a whirlwind week before Aidan’s Birthday but we were so thankful that we had a chance to celebrate his birthday. He had Chicken Pox 10 days prior to his birthday.
After his first birthday celebration at school, we took a short rest at home and headed to the resort at around 4pm. It was a Holiday the next day and we didn’t anticipate that it would be difficult for us to reserve rooms that night. Thankfully, my in laws went there in the morning to check if there were still available rooms. 
We were able to get 2 rooms with 2 Double Beds for 3500. We had to share a room with the yaya. The 3 of us shared in 1 bed and the other one was for yaya (sosyal lang si yaya). 
View from our veranda. Nice!

Childrens Interactive Pool

Mini Slides at their new pool

Happy Family!
The New Pool

Mini Wave Pool. Please don’t get fooled by the pictures you’ve seen on the net. The Wave Pool is only the one on the right side. hehehe 

Mini Garden to their New Cottages (Quite Expensive)
The Birthday Boy’s enjoying the slides

They had different playgrounds that Aidan enjoyed to play with. =)

I mentioned above that it was a Holiday the next day so we expected that there will be a lot of people. I was right. But it was ok because it didn’t feel crowded. It was a good decision to add more swimming pools to accommodate a lot of guests. =)  


2 responses to “Summer is not yet over! (Aidan’s 4th Birthday Celebration)

  1. Seems the birthday Boy had fun huh! btw, wer ba ang watercamp sis?

  2. anne1109 says:

    ^ Yes, he really did. He actually enjoyed the slides than than the water. Sa Kawit Cavite sis. =) Nice dun.

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