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Aidan’s 4th Birthday Party @ School

on October 14, 2013

Apologies for not being active for the last 2 months. I’ve been very busy with a lot of things. I tried to find time for me to post blog entries but I had a hard time balancing my time for work and family. Good thing it’s Thanksgiving in Canada today so I’ll be having a long weekend. =) Hurray for us who are working for Canadians. hehehe

I really want to keep track of the families important events, so even if its 2 months late, I still want to post my son’s 4th birthday celebration. It’s my son’s first time to go to school and I was really excited for his first birthday party at school. We first planned to have the party after his birthday. It’s gonna be Friday and it’s their fun day. Meaning, they won’t be having their regular classes. The entire day will be just for fun. =) But August 9 was declared as a Special Non working day. So, Hubby and I decided to just spend it on the exact date of his birthday. Which is better I guess. His teacher gave us 1hour for the party. It was just a simple party. We brought food and Loot boxes for the kids and his teachers.

We really thought that we would need to cancel Aidan’s birthday party because he got chicken pox the week before his birthday. But God is really good. =)

Invitations were sent out that Monday and it was posted on their diary. Of course we want to make sure that the parents will have enough time to buy their gifts. =)

I made sure that it will be a memorable party for Aidan without spending a lot. So, as usual, everything was DIY. =)

Check this — DIYs for the complete information about my DIYs. =)

The Birthday Boy with his classmates and teachers
getting ready to blow the candle. =)

With Momi and Dada
With his teachers

Time to munch!

The kids loved their loot boxes!

A job well done for me and hubby. With the help of Aidan’s yaya of course for the icing on the cupcakes. =)

Happy Birthday our Little Munchkin! Dada and Momi loves you! 


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