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How NBI wastes our TAXES!

on August 25, 2013

This is just a continuation of my previous post on how NBI Robinsons Imus branch wasted my precious time just to get an NBI Clearance. As I searched over the 
internet, I found out that they have an option for online Application; Faster and 
Easier – as what they call it.
So fast forward, I went to NBI UN Branch last August 14. There were already 8 
people waiting for the e-clearance office to open. It was already 8:30 am and the 
staff was late. Good thing the process was fast when it was my turn. I was then 
given a receipt with a date and time at the back on when the NBI Clearance could be 
August 22, 2013. At exactly 8:00AM, I was there on the Releasing Area at The Ground 
Floor. The Lady told me to go back at the e-clearance office at the 4th floor to 
check it again because my name was not in their system. An hour has passed and the 
staff has not arrived still. Believe it or not she arrived past 8:20 am and she 
kept on walking back and forth, doing nothing. Maybe it was around 8:45Am when she 
decided to start working. I walked towards her and asked her –

“Miss, sabi sa-” 

She interrupted me and spoke in a harsh tone
“Miss sandal lang ha. Wait ka lang diyan.”
She was soooooooooo rude! Naku, kumulo agad ang dugo ko. She was late, started her work 
at 9:45AM and she has no right to shout at me when I approached her nicely. Please 
do not misinterpret me, but I am the kind of person that easily gets mad especially 
if the person I’m taking to is impolite and doesn’t have manners.
And so I replied back in a harsh tone already:
Kanina pa ako dito and you’re late. Tapos sasabihin mo na wait lang? Alam mo ba 
kung ano concern ko?”
“Hindi pa kasi yata na release yung mga clearance. Mag isa lang kasi ako 
 “Wala akong pakialam kung mag isa ka. E late ka pa nga e.”
She went inside to call someone to check about the clearances. I went inside also 
dahil nanginginig na ako sa galit.
Then she said
“Wait ka lang diyan kasi tatapusin ko lang muna to”
She was referring to the online applicants. There were about 15 of them I think. I 
then asked her
“Mga what time?”
“Tapusin ko lang to.”
AurgghhH!!! This stupid NBI staff doesn’t seem to understand me.
“Yung first batch lang ba or lahat pati nakapila sa labas?”
“Tapusin ko lang to tapos tatawag ako.”
She keeps on repeating the same answer.
Then I said…
“Miss, pwede paki set ng expectations ko if until what time ako maghihintay dito. 
Kasi kanina pako dito. Kailangan ko lang malaman If sila lang muna ang uunahin mo 
or lahat ng nakapila sa labas.”
Then she said “Sila lang.”
“Yun ang tinatanong ko. Tagalog hindi mo naiintindihan?”
Then I walked out of the door.
After less than an hour she went out of the office and went downstairs. After an 
hour, another lady approached me to get my name. After 15 minutes she said that I 
can go back to the releasing section to get my NBI clearance. The stupid staff 
never went back to speak to me. Nakakita din siya ng katapat niya.
I’m not like other people na hinahayaan nalang nila na supladuhan sila ng mga 
Government Employees. Hell! They there, paid through our taxes. I’m not gonna pay 
40k  plus of taxes every year just to be treated that way. I deserve some damn 
Nevertheless, after 3weeks, I finally got my NBI Clearance. I really had a bad 
experience with NBI. I thought things will be easier since I applied online and 
paid for the convenience fee. But I was wrong…

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