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Our DIY’s for Aidan’s 4th Birthday Party

on August 14, 2013

Hubby and I both love DIY’s. Sharing the DIY’s that we made for our Little Monster’s 4th Birthday Party at School. =)

–          Invitations will be placed on their Diary so I had to make sure that it’s simple, thin and small. =) I was inspired by this cute Piggy invites I found on the net. Here’s my own version:

The Invites


What I used:

Green Cartolina – Php21.00 (bundle of 3)
Gooey Eyes – PhP18.00/pack x2 = PhP36.00
Pentel Pen – For the Lay-out (FREE)
Print Out – 3pesos/page x 2 = PhP6.00

Total: PhP63.00 / 2.74pesos per invites (23pcs)

2.       CAKE
–          We will hold the party at school. Since, we only had limited time for the party, Hubby and I decided to have cupcakes instead. It will also serve as their dessert. Hubby baked the Chocolate Orange Muffins, I was in charge of the MuffinToppers and Aidan’s yaya for the icings (She had her OJT at Red Ribbon before).

Chocolate Orange Muffins
With the Candle


What we used:

Ingredients: PhP500.00

Printing of lay-out = PhP10 per page x 2 = PhP20.00
Tooth Pick = PhP20.00

Total: PhP540.00 / 33 cupcakes = PhP16.35 each

3.       FOOD
–          There were only 5 teachers, 1 assistant and 18 students in their class so his Dad and I agreed not to hire a caterer (it’s also not allowed inside the classroom). Since his Dad is a good cook, he will just cook simple food for the children.

As planned: (We cannot serve more than 2 varieties since the kids (guests) are only 2-4 years old)
Spaghetti: PhP400.00 *(estimated price)
Chicken Lollipops: PhP400.00 *(estimated price)
Juice from Tetra Pack – PhP4.50/juice x 25pcs = PhP112.50

Each food is portioned in a paper  meal box labeled with their names. Layout for the labels courtesy of ME. =)

Sweet Spaghetti

Chicken Lollipop
Paper Meal Box

What I used:

Paper Meal Box: 35pesos for 10pcs x 30pcs = PhP105.00
Sticker Paper = FREE (Excess from the Sticker Paper we used for Aidan’s 1st Birthday)
Printing of Labels: PhP10.00 per page x 3 = PhP30.00
Spoon and Fork: set of 24pcs = PhP67.00
Table Napkin: PhP20.00
Printing of Logos: FREE (The staff of the Computer shop where we had the Thank You Notes printed made a mistake. Instead of putting it in the trash, I had his yaya cut out the Piggies and used it as a logo instead)
Ribbon: FREE (Excess Flower Ribbon we had for the wedding)

Total: PhP222.00 + PhP912.50 (Food) = PhP1134.50 / 30 pax = PhP37.81 per person

4.       LOOT BOXES
–        The original plan was a Large Easter Egg and we will put a mini angry bird stuffed toy inside. It’s like the Bad Piggies had captured the Angry birds. Harharhar But we failed to find any large sized plastic eggs so I had to read more information about the Angry Birds game to be able to incorporate a new loot bag/s idea. I find TNT Boxes cute and I asked hubby If he could help me make the boxes. And he said yes! =)

TNT Boxes for the Boys
TNT Boxes for the Girls
Thank You Tag

What I used:

Cardboard – PhP15.00 x 5 = Php75.00
Strings and Electrical Tape = FREE
Cardboards for the Thank You Notes: FREE
Printing of Thank you Notes = PhP10.00
TNT Print Outs – 3pesos x 2 = PhP6.00
Mighty Bond – PhP10.00 x 2 = PhP20.00 (We used the fake ones. Hehehe)
Total: PhP111.00

What’s inside:

Take a peek!
Minnie Toys

Mini sticker notebook – PhP60.00 for 20pcs
Stamp – PhP60.00 for 70pcs
Mini toy – PhP60.00 for 20pcs
Mini eggs with candies inside – PhP50.00 for 20pcs
Total: PhP230.00

Total for the Loot Boxes: PhP341.00 / 19 kids = PhP17.95 for each kid

5.       OUTFIT
–          It’s a school day so everyone was wearing their school uniform. Good thing their uniform is GREEN too. =)

Aidan with his Classmates and Teachers

6.       PARTY HATS
–          We were allowed to have party hats but since we didn’t have enough time to do the hats, we bought Angry Birds Party Hats at Divisoria instead.

Aidan and his Classmates in Party Hats

Party hats: PhP1.50 per piece x 20 = PhP30.00

Candle: PhP9.00
Styrofoam for the Cupcakes: PhP45.00 (only half of it was used though)

Total amount spent for the party: PhP2,162.50

Birthday Parties doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s a once in a LIFETIME event that is PRICELESS  with LABOR of LOVE.


4 responses to “Our DIY’s for Aidan’s 4th Birthday Party

  1. Uhhhhh!! Nice DIY.. I wish, I can learn to do such thing..Happy Birthday to Aidan..

  2. anne1109 says:

    Thanks sis. =) You can do that too sis. =)

  3. Ang galing! True, kid's party need not be expensive. As long na happy ang baby natin, kahit nga cake lang, keribels na yan. Great DIY. :)Following you now.

  4. anne1109 says:

    ^ Thanks sis. =) Sayang din sa pera If I splurge too much on parties. Thanks for following my blog. =)

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