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NBI Application – Such a PAIN in the ASS!

on August 11, 2013

It’s been 6 years since the last time I applied for an NBI Clearance. I know that unlike before, you need to apply for a new one every 6 months. So, last Tuesday, after I had my police clearance, I went straight to Robinsons Imus for my NBI CLearance. Getting my Brgy. Clearance and Police Clearance was such a breeze. But for some reason, NBI Clearance was totally different.

I was there at 10am just in time when the mall opened. I was shocked when there were a lot of people already seated. When I approached the lady inside, I was told that I need to go back at 12:30pm for the 2nd batch because they only accept the first 100 applicants in the morning. I was told to write my name is a sheet of paper. I clearly remembered that I was the 4th listed.

So, even If I was sleepy that time since I came from a graveyard shift, I waited for another 2hours. At 12noon, they called out names and to my surprise, I was 164. =( I was too tired and can no longer wait for another 2-3 hours or more so I decided to go home and just went back the next day.

The next day, I arrived at Robinsons Imus before 8am. I went straight to 3rd floor of the Parking Lot because I was told the other day that the applicants needed to register there in order to be on the 1st 100.

I knew that there were less than 100 people there, but was told that there were already 100 registered for the first batch. No numbers were given, no seats for the applicants while waiting. They people there were told just to remember the persons beside them. I knew I”ll be in the 2nd batch again.

The night before I went there, I saw that there is already an online application process for the NBI Clearance.

So, this morning, I went to Villarica Pawnshop to pay for the application fee through GCash. I logged in to NBI’s website the moment I arrived home. The page keeps on going back to the log in page and received a message to check if the Reference number is correct.

I was so mad, so I rushed back to the Pawnshop to make sure that they sent the payment to the correct number; But the lady was able to present the text message from GCash as proof that the payment was successfully sent to NBI.

I went back home, hopeless and clueless as what to do now. I wasted a lot of money and time for this. Yet, I still don’t have my NBI Clearance. NBI’s online application was my last resort,yet I was wrong…

The Philippine Government really sucks. To think that their employees are paid by the taxes that they deduct from our salaries. Yet, I still don’t understand why they can’t give us decent service….

Well, I really hate living in the Philippines. No offense but I was never proud to be a FILIPINO.


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