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Chicken Pox Attacks Aidan

on August 11, 2013

I always make sure that Aidan gets all the  vaccines required by WHO (World Health Organization). Booster shots were mostly given from 4-6 years old, including the Varicella vaccine.

Thinking that since Aidan had his first shot of Varicella, I assumed that he’ll be safe from having Chicken Pox until his 2nd shot; But I was wrong.

2 weeks before his birthday (July 28,2013) I felt a rash with water on his back. I didn’t bother to check what it was since it was the only rash that I saw. When I gave him a bath before going to school on Monday, I noticed that he had a lot of rashes on his body. I quickly asked Hubby that we bring him to the clinic to have it checked.

The rashes were small and  few so the Pediatrician cannot determine yet if it was indeed a Varicella Infection. He was given Immunosin for the Viral Infection and Iterax as Antihistamine to prevent the itching.

Aidan didn’t go to school for a week. After a week, we went back to his Pedia for another check up. We had to make sure that it’s completely safe for him to go back to school. We were assured that it was a Varicella Infection since there were Rashes on his scalp. We were told to wait for another 3 days before he can go back to school. Yahoo! Just in time for his 4th birthday in school.

We were told that since he already had Chicken Pox Vaccine, he’s already immune to it. So no need to give him the 2nd shot of Varicella.

I’m thankful because Aidan is now ok and we can celebrate his birthday at school. I’m also thankful because I was able to give him his first shot of Varicella Vaccine. Rashes were few (less than 15 I guess), very small, the incubation period was minimized and the rashes healed fast. In just 1 week, all rashes were dry.

Aidan is now completely fine. =)

According to Aidan’s Pedia, when only the 1st shot was give, your kid is only 80% safe for such infection. So, there’s 20% chance for him/her to get Chicken Pox. So, Its better to give your kids the 2nd shot before he/she gets to school. =) 


2 responses to “Chicken Pox Attacks Aidan

  1. get well soon to Aidan.

  2. anne1109 says:

    ^ Thanks sis. =) He's ok now.

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