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MR. KIMBOB (Korean Health Food)

on July 24, 2013

I have worked in a Korean Company for 2 years. Part of our benefit was the Free lunch. Since, all of our bosses were Korean, our helper always serves Korean food – and I never liked it.

When we (Mike, Aidan, Aidan’s Yaya and I ) went to SM Bacoor last week, we decided to check what to eat at the Food Court.

We bumped by this new food stand with a flat screen TV that plays K-Pop Music Videos. We noticed the long line at the counter and we were intrigued by their menu.

A staff approached us and offered us their menu. When I asked what’s their best seller, she said it’s the BIBIMBOB – their version of Bibimbap.

So, what’s BIBIMBAP?
–         The word literally means “Mixed Rice”. It’s a signature Korean dish.

The BIBIMBOB comes in 2 sizes, Regular and Large. It is served in a hot sizzling plate with rice in the middle surrounded with different kinds of veggies, your meat of choice (chicken, beef or pork) and a sunny side up egg on top of the rice.  

Regular – 99
Large – 119

Chicken Bibimbob
Beef Bibimbob
Sizzling Chicken Bites

I ordered the Beef BIBIMBOB’s regular size and I was surprised on how big the serving was.

So how do you eat your BIBIMBOB? You just have to mix them all together while it’s hot. The veggies are served half cooked so it’s crispy and delicious. The staff will also pour a sauce of the meat of your choice.

Hubby ordered the Sizzling Chicken Bites (PhP85.00). While Aidan’s Yaya had Chicken BIBIMBOB.

The food very affordable, yet it really tastes good, not to mention that’s it healthy too. Plus, the little kid liked it. I’m loving Korean food now. =)

Note: BIBIMBOB contains KIMCHI. And since I don’t eat it, it goes straight to hubby’s plate. =)


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