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The Little Kid’s Tour Inside the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center

on July 20, 2013

I have always wished of bringing our Little Boy inside the NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center in Mall of Asia. They say that the experience is educational; I do find the rate expensive.  MIL (Mother in law) told us that her friend’s son works there and he can let us in for FREE. =)

No reservation is needed. You just have to go there and buy a ticket. There were also a lot of students on a field trip when we went there.

Replica of Lolong
My Little Astronaut

He’s afraid of the Shark. hehehe

We were told that there will be a Planetarium show at 4PM. The show is about 40-50 minutes. I forgot the Title of the show, but it was about the planets, stars, sun and everything about the sky and the universe, particularly the Milky Way and how it was possibly created. (Picture taking is not allowed inside)

There were so many students from the field trip so we were told to occupy the seats above together with the other guests (not part of the field trip).

The seats were comfy and is designed so you can rest your neck as you will be looking up throughout the show. The video is flashed on the ceiling.

Before the show began, a member of the staff spoke and advised everyone to keep quiet and turn off all mobile phones.

The show started and the room became dark. You will feel sleepy because it was like lying in the grass watching the dark sky at night. My son actually fell asleep while watching the show.

Popcorns are also available for sale.

For information, call 556-0331/556-2193 or visit


2 responses to “The Little Kid’s Tour Inside the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center

  1. Ayen says:

    I want to bring my son here too but since he's only two, he might not enjoy/learn anything yet.

  2. anne1109 says:

    @Ayen – Hi. Most activities are intended for Preschoolers to Adult. You can bring him there maybe when he turns 3. =)

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