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The Makeup Artistry’s Pro Class Graduation Party

on July 18, 2013

I’m not a KTV person. Forgive me but I really don’t like going to KTV’s or Videoke Bars mainly because I don’t sing. =)

The Pioneer batch of The Makeup Artistry’s Pro Class were so eager to go to a videoke bar to celebrate our Graduation Day that I didn’t have a choice but to join them. hahaha!

We were supposed to go to Chicago KTV in Pasig but we didn’t like the place so, we decided to go to Elbow Room in Metrowalk. Their VIP room is big enough for 15-50 pax depending on the size of the VIP room. We chose the room that can accommodate upto 20 pax.

We went there without a reservation, good thing there’s one group who cancelled their reservation. After 30 minutes of waiting, they finally gave us the room.

It’s good because the room features a billiard table so i ask Hubby to come over to accompany me.. Hah! Now i have the excuse not to sing.

My Savior! 

The room is also equipped with 2 karaoke monitors, a buffet table and a full bar set up and is fully air-conditioned.

Their rates depend on the number of hours you will be staying in the room, but they are open from 6pm-3am.

They have a package that is consumable and you can stay there for up to 3hours.

The food is quite ok but the serving is really small and not really value for money.

Fried Calamari Neptune 175pesos
Hungarian Sausage 190pesos
Chicharon Bulaklak 130pesos
Mushroom Ajillo 150pesos

Sizzling Tuna Sisig 195pesos
Elbow Room Chicken Wings 195pesos
Sizzling Pork Sisig 180pesos
Chef’s Salad 185pesos
Cheese Nachos with Salsa 140pesos

Margarita – 180pesos, 
Bucket of Apple Beer – 400pesos and 
 Softdrinks 40pesos each
We also ordered Salpicao for 285pesos , Whole Fried Chicken for 420pesos and 10 orders of rice. 

Because the serving was too small to satsfy our hunger, we had 2 orders for each menu. hehehe

Money wise, I don’t recommend this place especially If you’re hungry.But If you’re a group of 20 or more and wants to drink and have karaoke, then this place is ok.

For Rental and Party Package you may Call :
Tel.No: (+632) 384 5666
Mobile (Sun) : 0923 989 5666


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