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Delightful Dinner at Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant

on July 14, 2013

During our staycation at 24H Apartment Hotel in Makati last June 08, we went to Conti’s Greenbelt 2 branch to have dinner. Hubby suggested that we eat there to try their famous Mango Bravo Cake.

When we arrived, we were 3rd in the list. We waited for about 30 minutes before we finally got a table.

There were a lot of people dining in that night. In fact, the place was crowded. Tables are situated  very close to each other. Aidan even bumped his head by accident on the table next to ours. It was so crowded that it’s hard for us to move and get out of our chairs.

We ordered 2 main dishes, 1 dessert and 1 drink.

BBQ Spareribs – PhP210.00
Chicken Ala Kiev – PhP285.00
Mango Bravo – PhP145.00 per slice
Pineapple Shake – PhP65.00

Serving size is big and the food was delicious. I love the pineapple shake. I was actually hesitant to order that because I thought Aidan wouldn’t like it; but he really loved it! It’s not as sour unlike other Pineapple shakes that I have tasted before.

And here comes the famous Mango Bravo! Good thing we only ordered 1 slice. 1 slice of cake is already good for 2 persons.  It has cream, vanilla, mango, cashew nuts and chocolate syrup.

We may have waited for 30 minutes to get a table; And another 15 minutes for our food, yet we were very satisfied with their food and serving size. It was really worth waiting for. I want to go back there again… to order 1 whole of Mango Bravo! =)


2 responses to “Delightful Dinner at Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant

  1. i miss conti's mango bravo! 🙂

  2. anne1109 says:

    Me too! =)Thanks for visiting my blog. =)

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