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Tian Tian Hot Pot and Seafood Restaurant

on June 25, 2013

Last Friday, my friends and I went to SM Makati for a quick shopping before my shift. After we finished shopping, we went to Tian Tian HotPot and Seafood Restaurant in Pasay Road. It’s located just across Renaissance Hotel near Greenbelt Mall.

Just a quick history about the restaurant:

Tian-Tian Hotpot is a Chinese Food similar to Shabu-Shabu (Japanese version of Hotpot). They opened last May 4, 1990. .

Click this link for my review of Healthy Shabu Shabu.

It rained that night so it was a good time to have some hot soup for dinner.

From the outside, you can barely see what’s inside because of the opaque glass facade. Inside, it looks like an old Chinese restaurant similar to the ones in Binondo. According to my friend, who is a frequent customer, it is President Binay’s favorite Restaurant in Makati.

We sat at the 4 seater table located at the right corner. We then ordered the choices from the Hotpot Menu – Squid Balls, Sotanghon, Spinach, Golden Mushroom and Wanton.

We also got King-to Fried Porkchop and Yang Chow Rice from their A la Carte as an additional order.

Young Chow Rice

King to Fried Porkchop

A sauce with different spices will also be provided on every table.

Different Spices to Chose From =)

I made my own dip but I didn’t like the taste. =( 

A staff will set the stove and will pour a soup on it until it boils. He will be the one to cook everything for you.

Our personal waiter. =)
Still cooking… were all starving!
All cooked and ready to eat. =) 

I am not sure though, but I think it was the first time I ate Spinach and I liked it.

What I love about the restaurant:
– The staff are nice and friendly.
– They will assist you as soon as you enter the restaurant.
– Service is fast.

What I don’t like about the restaurant:
– The place looks like an old Chinese Restaurant. I hope they will change the interiors soon.
– Huge smoke is coming out of the pot; I think it’s because they still use Shellane. Healthy Shabu-Shabu, they uses electric stoves.

They uses the same stove that we usually use at home

The food is great, the staff were friendly and accommodating; but I still prefer Healthy Shabu Shabu when it comes to location and taste.

Note: Forgive my pictures. I didn’t bring my camera so I had to use my cellphone.


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