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Why AELC (Angelsville Early Learning Center Inc)

on June 24, 2013

We didn’t do much scouting for Aidan’s First School because the most important thing that we
considered before deciding was his SAFETY.

We were lucky we were able to find a decent Preschool just inside our subdivision. It’s called
Angelsville Early Learning Center. The first time that we checked the place and spoke with the
School Administrator, I knew, this was the ONE.

Why do we love the school?

1. It’s safe and near our house.
– As I just mentioned, safety is the most important thing since it’s our son’s first time to
go to school. We never thought of enrolling him in a big school yet because he is just 3
years old; and because the school is just 2 blocks from our house, we don’t need to hire a
school service for him.

The School

2. The class ratio is 1:5.
– They only accept maximum of 15 students and they have 3 teachers in a class plus 1
assistant. Because of that, parents were assured that the kids will be taken cared of and will
receive equal attention.

3. Specially designed for Little kids’ restroom.
– It has a mini sink and a mini toilet bowl.

Mini toilet bowl and mini sink

4. They have 2 weeks socialization class for incoming Nursery Students.
– Kids get to meet and play with their classmates during that time. Parents are also allowed
to stay inside the class during the socialization class until the kids get used to it.

They just sing and dance during the Socialization class. =)

5. NO field trips. I am not yet ready to allow my kid to join any field trip for his own
safety. We only found out that the school doesn’t do field trips during the parents meeting and
I was really happy to know this.

6. Teachers and staff of the school are very friendly and they treat the kids as their own, no
matter how stubborn they are.

7. Rooms are spacious and air-conditioned.

8. They have a mini playground outside the rooms but still inside the vicinity of the school
and kids can go there anytime and can use the slides, swing, etc. The playground is also
equipped with rubber floors for their safety.

The Playground

Aidan enjoys playing at the school’s mini playground =)

9. Smart Parenting and Showbiz magazines are available on the waiting area for the Moms and
Nannies to read while waiting for their tots.

Magazine. =) This is one of the reason why I love going to Aidan’s school. hehehe

10. The tuition fee is affordable and reasonable.
– It includes 3 Books,  Notebooks, 3 folders and a Diary. School uniform is charged

These are included in the tuition fee we paid. Also includes the Workbook and Diary (not included in the photo). These were delivered to our house a few days before regular classes started. =)
Aidan in his school uniform. =) 
My baby is now a School Boy.  =)

2 responses to “Why AELC (Angelsville Early Learning Center Inc)

  1. The time really flies so fast.. Enjoy it, sis sa susunod hindi na yan magpapahatid sundo sayo.. ^^

  2. anne1109 says:

    Tama. =) I can see naman that he's enjoying school. Kahit pagod from work, ako parin nag aasikaso sa kanya from breakfast hanggang paghatid sa school. Soon enough, mahihiya na siyang magpahatid sa school. Boy pa naman. hehehe

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