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Take a SIP of this new Milk Tea in the Metro

on June 17, 2013

After my  3rd day of Pro Makeup Class, hubby and I decided to take a different route going home. We passed by The Robinsons Galleria instead of Megamall.

While inside the mall, we saw this small Milk Tea Store with unique interior designs that made me stop and pay attention to it.

Cutee Logo

Mini Rocking Chairs. So unique right. =)

When we went there to check out their menu. I was more amazed when I found out that they have a wide selection of toppings – sago, nata de coco, flavored popping sago,etc.

Different kinds of Toppings

We had our first taste of  their Wintermelon Milk Tea. It was good. It’s a little more sweet compared to other milk teas. The sago are also small unlike with other Milk Tea Brands.

Wintermelon Milk Tea with Black Pearls

After you get your order you can chose the color of your straw.

Look at these cute large straws. =) 

There’s really nothing special about this Milk Tea aside from their unique interior and wide selections of toppings. The price is also almost the same as with other Milk Tea Stores.


2 responses to “Take a SIP of this new Milk Tea in the Metro

  1. I miss Milk tea. The last time I had Milk tea, was two months ago,and i just bought it at a convenience store, and I was so disappointed with it.

  2. anne1109 says:

    I think I know what you're talking about. hehehe I think the milk tea was ok, it's the pearl/sago i think.

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