LIFE is a DANCE if you take the STEPS. This is my DANCE. The story of my LIFE.

Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

Aidan’s Socialization Class

on June 12, 2013
Angelsville Early Learning Center had a 2-week Socialization Class for the upcoming Nursery Students. Last May 27, 2013, Aidan went to school for the first time.  As a hands on Mom, I had
mixed feelings with my first born’s next step in life.
All dressed up for school with his bag and lunch box.
Happy – Because I know that Aidan always looked forward to meeting his
classmates and teachers to play and learn something new everyday.
Scared – As a first time Mom, I had no idea what to do in case he cries and
not wanting to be left alone in school.
First day of school (Nursery) brings a new experience for us parents. My
little boy is all grown up.
During the said class, parents and nannies are allowed to stay inside the class (if they want) until the
child has adjusted to his new environment. I had the chance to see how they
teach the students and how affectionate and loving the teachers and
assistants are to our kids. Class starts from 9:00AM and ends at 11:00AM.
Aidan always seats in the corner, on favorite blue chair.
Aidan was a bit shy during his first day at school; But I was happy that he was able to adjust after a dew days. They sang, danced, were taught how to color, to draw vertical lines, horizontal lines and circles. They were also taught how to sing the Pambansang Awit and pray before they start the class. 
Aidan watches his teacher do the moves.

And he started to follow his teacher. hehehe 

Good Boy
Before their dismissal, Aidan received his first very good stamp. =)
His very first VERY GOOD stamp

2 responses to “Aidan’s Socialization Class

  1. first day of school is really exciting ;D

  2. anne1109 says:

    ^ That's right. =) Another milestone that we (parents) shouldn't miss!

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