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Photo Blog – Hubby’s 30th Birthday

on June 11, 2013

We had a simple celebration for Hubby’s 30th Birthday. On the day of his birthday, we had dinner at Luk Yuen in Megamall after my Pro Makeup Class.

With the Birthday Boy at Luk Yuen Megamall

The next day, he cooked his very own version of Bolognese and we had Roasted Chicken from Baliwag for Lunch.

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Bolognese, Roasted Chicken from Baliwag and Grape Juice

There was a block out in Cavite that night so Hubby wasn’t able to bake his Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. He just cooked Asado for dinner instead.

We were done eating  dinner when the electricity was back. Finally, he had a chance to bake his Chocolate Chip Cheesecake.

The next day, we were able to finally taste it. =)

Later that day, we left the house early to meet my sister in Powerplant Mall. We had dinner at Healthy Shabu-Shabu as her birthday treat to Hubby.

At Healthy Shabu Shabu 

It was a simple yet memorable 30th Birthday Celebration for Hubby. Of course his birthday will not end without a present from me.

Wealth Within your Reach by Francisco Colayco

I bought the Book he’s been eyeing to buy since last month. He doesn’t want to buy the book yet because he still has a lot of pending books to read. As a surprise, I placed it inside his bag that he brings in the office.
And I texted him to check it and open it at exactly 12 midnight of his Birthday. =)


2 responses to “Photo Blog – Hubby’s 30th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your Hubby ^^

  2. anne1109 says:

    ^ Thanks sis. =)

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