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Dada’s Post Birthday Celebration at Healthy Shabu Shabu

on June 10, 2013

When my sister introduced me to “Healthy Shabu-Shabu”, I’ve been addicted to it; I even thought that it is a Chinese restaurant, but it’s not. Shabu-Shabu originated in Japan – its their own version of Hot Pot.
Hubby and I went to Healthy Shabu Shabu in the Powerplant mall last May 27 because my sister promised us that she will treat us on Hubby’s Birthday. Healthy Shabu Shabu is located at the ground floor of the Powerplant Mall just in front of Starbucks.

As always, there were people seated outside waiting for an available table. Good thing my sister arrived early and she was able to get a table for us.

We were situated in a 4-seater table with 4 individual pots. An egg, special sauces and spices are provided for each order.

Individual Pots
Different kinds of Spices

Once seated, a staff will pour some soup stock on each pot and you can start cooking once the soup boils.

We had 2 orders of Beef Tenderloin set with Seafood A for 675.00 each set.

Mixed Veggies and Noodles

Beef Tenderloin

Second platter of Mixed Veggies and noodles

Mixed Seafood

Each order comes with a platter of mixed vegetables,beef tenderloin, fish fillet, tofu, squid balls, mushrooms and 2 kinds of noodles.

Cook everything you like, and in a few minutes, it’s ready to eat. You can add the sauce and the spices for your taste preference.

Almost cooked. =)

The dishes were really delicious and each serving size is good for 2-3 persons. But because it was hubby’s birthday, he had one order just for him. The other set was for me and my sister.

The Birthday Boy. =) 

With my sister

Husband and Wife

Each set also gets a free Japanese Halo-Halo. It’s their Summer Promo. It was a different Halo-Halo than we usually eat. It has no beans, sago, leche flan and ube. It has different kinds of fresh fruits.

Japanese Halo Halo

A Closer look – Fresh Fruits

What’s in their Halo Halo?
– Shaved ice, fresh cows milk, black gulaman, watermelon, mango, grapes, banana and kiwi.
This healthy dessert is so refreshing. It’s not too sweet because they don’t put sugar on it. But you can taste the sweetness of the fruits. For health conscious peeps, you get to enjoy eating Halo Halo without the guilt. Without the promo, you can order this Halo Halo for 85 pesos or 340 pesos for the deluxe size good for 4 persons.

We super enjoyed our healthy dinner that night.


2 responses to “Dada’s Post Birthday Celebration at Healthy Shabu Shabu

  1. halo-halo looks really refreshing & healthy:)

  2. anne1109 says:

    Indeed sis. =) I like the fresh cows milk that they used.

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