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A Taste of Authentic Chinese Mami at Masuki

on June 5, 2013

We’ve been dining here for so many times and we have never gotten tired of their food. They must have used some magic in cooking their food that I really fell in love with it. We usually go to their branches in Megamall and Mall of Asia.

I first got a taste of Masuki when Hubby’s family brought me to their first branch in Binondo. They’re one of the famous Chinese restaurants that you can find in the busy streets of Chinatown.

Trivia: I read from another blog that Masuki is the younger son of Ma mon Luk. It’s an old restaurant located in Quezon City.

Service tea is provided while you wait for your order. They will also serve you their special sauce.

Masuki’s Special Sauce

Hot Tea

We always order their large bowl of Asado Mami and Steamed Siomai.

Steamed Siomai

Asado Mami

The Mami is good for 2 persons. We only ask for an extra bowl with soup and we divide it equally.

Masuki never fails to satisfy our cravings. Another thing that I like about Masuki is their food is affordable and the service is fast.

The Little boy is excited for his meal. =)

Note: Hubby said that the Mami that is served in their Binondo branch is still the best. I suggest you better try their food in their Binondo branch for a more authentic taste.


2 responses to “A Taste of Authentic Chinese Mami at Masuki

  1. Chew On This says:

    I discovered their branch in Megamall months ago. I introduced it to my husband too. I love noodles! So this is good enough for me 🙂

  2. anne1109 says:

    Their branch in Megamall is really convenient for me. We always go there for a quick dinner after my makeup class. =)

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