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Hassle FREE Transaction with Palawan Pawnshop Pera Padala

on May 18, 2013

I oftentimes go to a Remittance Centers whenever I get lazy to go to banks to send money to my parents in the Province. I can say that most Remittance Centers don’t  seem to meet my expectations as a customer. Aside from high rates, more often than not, their staff are quite rude to their customers; including their security guards. My Mom would always complain that there are Remittance Centers that asks for 1 or 2 Government-issued IDs, which I think is unnecessary. They also implement certain rules that makes the life of their customers difficult.

Because of these reasons, my sister opened an account with Allied Bank. They have a branch in our town, with an ATM; which makes our life so much easier. As I’ve mentioned above, there are still times that I prefer to send money to Remittance Centers especially If the bank is closed during weekends or holidays.

Good thing, a friend of mine introduced me to Palawan Pawnshop and Express Padala. I immediately looked for the nearest branch to our place.

When I went to their branch in Imus Cavite for the first time, I was happy to say that I had a hassle-free transaction. A lady just gave me a piece of paper for me to write the sender and receivers information. Some Centers will ask you to register first to become a member; will even have to present 2 valid ids and sometimes they will ask for your birth certificate.

Send Money Form

The lady who assisted me was also nice and friendly. Once your transaction has been processed, the sender will receive a text message that the transaction has been processed and is ready for pick up anytime. When the receiver claims the money, you will receive a text message as well.

One thing that amazed me is that compared to other Remittance Centers, Palawan has lower and a lot more affordable rates compared to the more popular remittance centers. They don’t advertise on TV so I was not aware of them until a friend introduced me; Yet, they still deliver excellent service to their customers.

Click the link for the rates and Branches for Palawan Pawnshop Express Padala:

Good job Palawan. =)

The Verdict = RAVE!

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