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Cheap Fares yet Excellent Service from Seair (Tiger Airways)

on May 14, 2013

Hubby allowed us (Me and our 3 year old tot) to go home to our Province in Iloilo for a month this year. I have never tried flying with Tiger Airways which is operated by Seair; But some of my colleagues have tried it and they didn’t have any complaint.

Tiger Airways is a low cost carrier that has the cheapest flights online – so far. When I checked their prices online last March 18,2013, I found their rates reasonable that I booked  a flight right away.

I was in a hurry to book our flight that day that I only noticed that my son’s second name was misspelled after the reservation was booked. I quickly called their Customer Service. There was no queue when I called them so I was able to get a representative in less than a minute. Good thing they can do a Name Correction for free within 24hours of booking. =)

For some consumers, they don’t want to book low cost carriers because you will be flying out of NAIA 4 or the Domestic Airport. It’s no issue for me because the Airport’s facilities has vastly improved the past 2 years. =)

At the day of our Departure, I was impressed because we boarded early. We were seated at Aisle 4, which is good because I had a child with me. One thing that I noticed when I entered the plane were the flight attendants. They had the sexiest uniforms.

Photo grabbed from

The Little Boy watching Cartoons while waiting for boarding

We didn’t have any problem with our flight as well with our returning flight. It was such a smooth flight for me and Aidan. Tiger Airways is a low cost carrier that offers cheap fares yet they provide excellent service to their passengers.

Until the next flight. =)

Check for lowest and affordable fares from Seair and Tiger Airways. 


3 responses to “Cheap Fares yet Excellent Service from Seair (Tiger Airways)

  1. Anonymous says:

    same here, we had a nice trip with seair/tiger airways last november bound to cebu. i hope they keep that kind of service. 🙂

  2. hmmmm I never tried Seair… thanks for the insight. 😛

    following you via GFC, hope you follow back as well 😉

  3. anne1109 says:

    I followed you back Samantha. =) Thanks. =)

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