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Aidan’s Yummy Vit C

on May 14, 2013
Peach Flavored Pastilles

‘ve never had difficulty giving Aidan his vitamins. When he turned 3, I thought of giving him chewable vitamins for a change. Since he was an infant, he had been taking Ceelin Drops to Syrup for Vitamin C. We tried giving him Ceelin Chewables but after a month, he refused to take it anymore. Ceelin had been doing a great job for my son since he was an infant; but as much as I would like to switch back to Ceelin Syrup, I wanted to find alternatives of giving him his Vitamin C.

A Godmother of him introduced me to Scotts Vitamin C. I checked some reviews from other SP and GT Moms and there were a lot of good reviews about the vitamins.

Aidan first tried the Mixed Berries. It was in a small, resealable pack with 15 pastilles. It costs PhP60.00. So that’s PhP4.00 per pastille.

He loves it so much it that he always sneaks to the fridge just to get more.

After finishing up the small pouch, I bought the Peach flavored pastilles in a plastic bottle containing 50 pastilles for PhP175.00. So that’s PhP3.50 per pastille.

As expected, Aidan loved it.

Yummy. =)

Aidan enjoys taking his vitamins more than ever. This chewy, great tasting vitamin C really did a great job for our tot. =)


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