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Interactive Stations of the Cross at BGC

on April 12, 2013

Hubby and I have work on Holidays including the Lenten Season. So we were not able to celebrate the Holy Week like what others do. We only get to visit the Baclaran Church last Holy Thursday.

Last Easter Sunday, instead of attending a mass, Hubby and I went to Bonifacio Global City to experience the famous Interactive Stations of the Cross.

We arrived at around 10am and started to take a tour of each stations.

Station #1 (The Garden)
What’s Up: Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane
What to Do: The area is full or mirrors. You will have to face a mirror and think of any fear that you are facing right now. Take some time to pray to God and tell him about it.

Station #2 (The Betrayal)
What’s Up:  Jesus was betrayed by Judas
What to Do: Think of someone who have betrayed you or you have betrayed. Take a piece of small red cloth with you.

Station #3 (The Trial)
What’s Up: Jesus before the Sanhedrin
What to Do: There will be a sample ballot for you to read to know what characteristics of a true leader do you value the most. This will be the best Station to pray for the good of the Entire Nation.

Station #4 (The Verdict)
What’s Up: Jesus is judged by Pilate
What to Do: This Station focuses on Children – Innocent and Blameless. There’s a big coin bank that you can donate minimum of 5pesos to help “WE International Philippines”.

Station #5 (The Whip)
What’s Up: Jesus is Scourged
What to Do: There’s a replica of the flagrum used to whip Jesus Christ.Take time to pray for someone who needs physical and emotional healing. It may be your sick family member or anyone you know who is sick and needs your prayers.

Station #6 (The Course)
What’s Up: Jesus is crowned with Thorns
What to Do: Take a green strip of cloth and pin it to the thorn bush. You may also sign a petition to encourage the local government to plant more trees.

Station #7 (The Cross)
What’s Up: Jesus carries his cross
What to Do: There stands 3 replicas of the “PATIBULUM” or The Cross that Jesus carried with him. They say that the cross weighs about over a hundred pounds. You may pick up one cross and carry it on your shoulder to experience the pain and agony that Jesus had that Good Friday.

Station #8 (The Two Simons)
What’s Up: Simon Peter
What to Do:  It’s your time to be a SIMON to other people who is also a stranger to you. There is a bowl with prayers by other people written on it. Pick one and pray for his/her prayer/s. After that, you may take a piece of paper and write down your own prayers hoping that someone next to you will pick it up and pray for you as well.

Station #9 (The Crucifixion)
What’s Up:Jesus is Crucified
What to Do:  It was the time when Jesus Christ was crucified. Remember the red strip that you took from Station 2? This is where you will use it for. Get the red strip, a hammer and a nail. Nail the piece of cloth on the cross that lies on the floor. This will remind you that your sin is already nailed on the cross. You will be FREE. =)

Station #10 (The Mother)
What’s Up: Jesus entrusts Mary to John
What to Do: A mothers love is endless. Now’s the time to think and thank your family. Being a mother, I was really thankful that God has given me a loving husband and a sweet little boy. They are my life’s treasure. There is a small space where you can place a picture of your family and loved ones. I had a spare of Aidan’s baby picture and I hanged it there. =)

Station #11 (The Promise)
What’s Up: Jesus Promises Paradise to the Repentrant Thief
What to Do: This is a Story about a man who mocked Jesus while on the cross and the other prayed and believed in him. Take this time to thnk God for saving us from all of our sins by sacrifising his own life.

Station #12 (The Darkness)
What’s Up: Jesus Dies.
What to Do: Jesus Died and Darkness Came. You must enter the mini tent that symbolizes darkness. It will help you realize that there is light in every darkness in your life.

Station #13 (The Cloth)
What’s Up: Jesus Rises.
What to Do: Strips of linen was lying beside Jesus’s Burial Cloth inside the tomb. You will now take a card from the table and write the name of the person who have touched your life, then post it in the board. You may also offer some prayers for that person. I thanked GOD for giving me a family who loves me unconditionally.

Station #14 (The Invitation)
What’s Up: Remembering Jesus
What to Do: This is the time to remember what Jesus did for all of us. The EGGNOG serves as the piece of bread and the Gelatin that had turned into liquid serves as the wine.

Cruising each walkway of the 14 Stations of the cross was truly a different experience for us. It was already like our own way of sacrifice for the Holy Week.

I have learned a lot from this unique and one of a kind Stations of the Cross. =)


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